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    White Dragon of Mist, a play on another screenname that is Mist Dragon.

    White Dragon of Mist, a play on another screenname that is Mist Dragon.
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    Working life man, working life. How've you been?

    Working life man, working life. How've you been?
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    PU Analyses Discussion Thread

    Your link isn't correct, here's a fix: Sorry, but the video showcased nothing. Your opponent was using a pretty poor team (Ivysaur? Is that a thing now?), recklessly switched in his Pupitar check (note: not resist), and carelessly used Grass moves...
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    grats on tutor! :>

    grats on tutor! :>
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    ORAS PU The Twin Dragons

    Just noting Mawile doesn't get EQ, and rarely uses Fighting moves (though it threatens/annoys his whole team without Probopass funnily enough). Low Speed is beneficial for a slow Volt Switch pivot into a teammate (say Fraxure or Leafeon). It still needs to have investment to actually damage...
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    east elmhurst :>

    east elmhurst :>
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    Pokémon GO

    I live in queens, never even heard of jvp til now lol. thanks for the tip!
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    Pokémon GO

    What time did it appear? I haven't had time to go to CP in a while :(
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    ORAS PU Sleeping Beauty

    You can consider HP Water on Zebstrika to hit Camerupt and Crustle, at the cost of not hitting Seaking and Chinchou very well. Tbolt does more than HP Grass to Relicanth, so no major loss there.
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    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 6 - Secondary Ability Poll 1

    No Competitive Ability Sticky Hold
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    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 5 - Stat Spread Poll 2

    Korski HeaLnDeaL Elite Lord Sigma
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    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 5 - Stat Spread Poll 1

    Korski HeaLnDeaL Alfalfa Deck Knight Elite Lord Sigma boxofkangaroos
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    Swalot [QC 2/3]

    You say that, but you need to actually provide calcs to show how the extra power matters. Sludge Bomb has more PP, decent power, perfect accuracy, and the same 30% poison chance as well, making it much more reliable. Plus, many Grass-types are physically defensive, so Sludge Bomb hits them...
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    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Poll 1

    Natural Cure Aroma Veil Frisk Poison Heal Limber
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    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Electric / Fairy Electric / Fighting Fairy / Fighting Fairy / Steel Fire / Steel Electric / Grass Ground / Ice
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    Hobbies Smogon Food & Cooking Thread 2 Supposedly, blanching the chips/wedges/fries in oil or water first helps make them more crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside by removing the excess starch (dry/drain ofc). It's a bit of extra work, but if the...
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    Primeape (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    Sorry to nitpick, but is it really worth so much emphasis on the Choice Scarf set in the Overview when it's not even the first set? You already state what ScarfApe outspeeds in the Set Details, so maybe you don't need it in the Overview. Either that, or give equal time to Band in the Overview.