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  1. Wikileaks

    Kinda posted it here a while ago. I mostly agree with you. But you'd be surprised at how many people want to have Wikileaks shut down and Assenge tried for treason (even though he's aussie). It's not just the media (I reckon most of them are too intelligent to be brainwashed by it). I'll give...
  2. Strike Three: The Iraq War Logs
  3. 2010 music

    I thought I'd never say this, but I was extremely disappointed by A Thousand Suns. The Catalyst had me on my toes, but it stands alone as the only good song in the album, though Burning In The Skies is fairly decent.
  4. Duke Nukem Forever lives Game footage: This is really happening, people. Though I can't believe it myself yet
  5. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    It is, he meant 1000.
  6. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    Mean only relatively experienced people get to vote, which hopefully will lead to lava/bounce/easy maps being voted out instead of getting 80%. Although it should be 1000 cheese IMO.
  7. The 2010-11 Football/Soccer Thread

    Though group for Benfica, but very balanced, between it, Schalke and Lyon anyone can get through. Braga has a chance of making history here and go to the 1/8th's, Partizan and Shakhtar are accesible opponenents for it. Group G games are a must see. It's been a while since we had a group of...
  8. Who threw my cat in the trash? The work of a psycho. Seriously. I don't think one has to be in PETA to find this despicable. There's already a large Facebook group made just to find the woman. I hope they succeed.
  9. The 2010-11 Football/Soccer Thread

    Braga beats Sevilla in their own soil 4-3, they go on to the Champions with 5-3 aggregate. Wow. I'm portuguese, and even I didn't think they were going to get trough after they got Celtic and Sevilla, the toughest ones possible for them in each round. Congratulations to them.
  10. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    Unfortunately, I think the level editor is going to ruin the game. Because the truth is that while it allows for amazing levels to be done, 80% of them are just lava/bounce floor, or good concepts badly executed. Exporting a map should cost 500 cheese, not 20, and only people with more than 2k...
  11. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    Night mode is insta-lag for me. A shame, really. I've been doing some science myself, but no shots. I guess I'll start taking them.
  12. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    Perfecly doable with fixed invisble planks. I did it before like that, though it wasn't that perfectly aligned. You can now attach baloons to mice, as well.
  13. The Smogon Transformice Thread

    Well since /Smogon is dead, we could just go to the same public room. Usually I'm in EN2's room 2. 2000 gathered, 275 firsts, and 3000 saves
  14. The 2010-11 Football/Soccer Thread

    I guess I can try too, but I'd suggest next year we go for an European Fantasy League, like those Eurosport made a few years ago.
  15. Applying to a foreign college/university

    I can give my two cents about Portugal. One good thing here is that it is MUCH cheaper than in most countries, as we have public universities. I pay 900€/year (residence and transports not included), and it's not so hard to get a scholarship that brings it further down. (oh, and if you're...
  16. "Hitler was a great man."

    You know what I meant. Or do you think I'm stupid enough to think he was a robot or something? Geez. It' just an expression of how some of his actions showed a complete lack of humanity. I really don't wanna say grammar (or in this case, vocabulary) nazi in a thread about hitler.
  17. "Hitler was a great man."

    Hitler had good tactics at first, but, like in a football game, he came to a time where he stopped playing with his head and started using his heart instead. He wanted German troops in Stalingrad to resist using "the German power of will". His initial overwhelming successes ended up being his...
  18. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

    So, who else got their hands on this? Absolutely awesome piece of work. The game's well piece together, the bosses are great (except the Chrysalis... much hype for nothing), and has an amount of content almost unrivaled in the PSP (almost meaning Dissidia). Outer Ops fits perfectly into the...
  19. The Soccer thread

    Altaria, since you know a lot about Ajax, what kids are they bringing out of the juniors this year? I'm always curious about that.
  20. World Cup: South Africa 2010 - Paul and Spain win!

    LOL. Spain's receptionon in Madrid, and one of them asks the crowd: "Espartanos, qual es vostro oficio?"