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  1. Zarel

    What av? I see two avs on your account.

    What av? I see two avs on your account.
  2. Zarel

    Needs More Info move Pokemon-Specific Items to below Useless Items in the teambuilder

    Took me a while to realize what you meant. I think this sounds good, but I'm interested in hearing what other people think about this.
  3. Zarel

    Approved Background image dragging & dropping

    Hm, this isn't happening to me. I would guess this is a browser change. Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's an easy way to fix this. PS has always supported "drag an image onto PS to make it your background", but usually dragging images from inside PS hasn't qualified. Probably the easiest way...
  4. Zarel

    You don't ask to become one, you have to be recognized as a good user by being a good user. In...

    You don't ask to become one, you have to be recognized as a good user by being a good user. In practice, intentionally doing this is not recommended, because moderation positions aren't really the sort of thing you can "work towards". Contributing to Smogon or PS and gaining badges or...
  5. Zarel

    Pending Make rated games average of 2 ratings

    Generally, I would assume people sorting by rating are looking for high-level play, not, like, a curbstomp. You can't learn much from a curbstomp. That's why it's done from the lower of two. You could make an argument for either taking the higher or the lower, but the average doesn't make sense...
  6. Zarel

    Sorry, I'm the wrong person to ask.

    Sorry, I'm the wrong person to ask.
  7. Zarel

    Rejected Discrete Mode

    (Reference: "discrete" = "separated", "discreet" = "private")
  8. Zarel

    Rejected Discrete Mode

    Oh, you mean "discreet"! Yeah that's definitely not something I would want to support. Again, probably a job for a browser extension.
  9. Zarel

    Duplicate Difficulties with Sprites

    Come on, not searching is bad enough, but this is a duplicate of a thread literally 3 posts from the top:
  10. Zarel

    Partially Approved quick suggestions

    Oh, you're talking about folders, not teams. Folders are not currently sortable; we'd need to rethink team storage to change that.
  11. Zarel

    Approved Sprite Overlap

    I like putting it into the tooltip.
  12. Zarel

    Needs More Info Search button in the teambuilder.

    Don't we already have a search button?
  13. Zarel

    Rejected Allow users to adjust auto-idle to whenever they want to go auto-idle - similar to screen timeout options.

    I'm not a fan, either. I understand why people want it but it's definitely the kind of bloat we and most other apps have avoided. It's always possible to code a browser extension if you really care, but probably I want it out of my codebase.
  14. Zarel

    Approved Ability to highlight on certain kinds of tournaments.

    This might already be possible; whoever looks into implementing should probably figure that part out first.
  15. Zarel

    Approved Sprite Overlap

    I don't understand. What's the problem, and how would you like us to fix it?
  16. Zarel

    Needs More Info Possible Speed shown during Battle

    Do you have a suggestion for how this would look? Our main issue is that it's kind of difficult to fit all this information in, and would be pretty cluttered.
  17. Zarel

    Partially Approved quick suggestions

    1. They're rearrangeable on the website, but on the desktop app they're actual files, and the OS chooses what order the files are in, with no way for us to change it. I'd probably suggest numbering them or something? 2. Taking back a turn is possible but kind of processing intensive; this is...