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  1. Dukewarrior13

    Kangaskhanite Tiering Discussion [+Demographics Poll Added to OP]

    Since when does Mega-Kang NOT have full health? It comes in after something is killed and sets-up. Any player worth his salt is not going to switch their main sweeper into a fucking attack. Say you have 3 layers of spikes and stealth rocks, then you would be at around 60% health. But how many...
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    Kangaskhanite Tiering Discussion [+Demographics Poll Added to OP]

    Few ghosts can withstand Kangaskhan's wrath and I don't want to think about what happens if will-o-wisp misses. Mega-Kang's ability allows it to hit after subs and it forces a lot of pokes to wear rocky helmets that don't normally wear them just so they have a small chance to wear down kang. The...
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    "That Dark Feeling" Team

    Ok, the biggest problem that I see is Galvantula's hidden power water. Giga Drain is very useful for dealing with ground types but if you are really having trouble, then just use hidden power ice over water, since it also hits dragons which resists electric.
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    Whoa, this is heavy

    For a new generation, it is time for a new style. I started playing Pokémon competitively a week after gen 5 came out and so I never experienced a complete gen shift. But for my first shift, I decided to try something that didn't receive any love at all in gen 5; gravity. Gravity brings all...
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    The Flying Pokemon that Doesn't Learn Fly >.>

    Thank you for the rate bobismoi. Although I don't deny Mamoswine's benefit, I really feel like I need a spinner on my team. Not only because of Gyarados (which is my main sweeper) but also because of Gengar's focus sash. However, if I wan't opened to ideas then I wouldn't be posting an RMT :). I...
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    The Flying Pokemon that Doesn't Learn Fly >.>

    Hello everyone and welcome to my RMT! I am not going to lie here, this team needs some improvement. In the last few weeks of 5th gen, I would like to base this team around my favorite Pokémon and one of the best sweepers around: Gyarados. Sound easy? Well there is one catch. I am currently...
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    I'll Let You Have A Secret Pokemon - a MAGIKARP - for just $500!

    *le bump* C'mon I know you have your opinions!
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    I'll Let You Have A Secret Pokemon - a MAGIKARP - for just $500!

    1874 and climbing At a Glance Hello Smogoners! Despite the new generation quickly approaching, which is going to change the metagame with the new introducing of fairy types and mega evolutions, I have made it my goal to create my best OU generation 5 team because I have never really...
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    Ask A Simple Question, Get A Simple Answer - Pokemon Showdown! Edition

    For your ranking, what is the difference between ACRE, GXE and Glicko2? What do they each mean? Also, in Glicko2, what does provisional do to the numbers? Thank you.
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    The RU Viability Ranking Thread

    Moxie is one hell of an ability which was only given to a select number of Pokémon. Most of those Pokémon have moved to bigger and harder tiers while only two remain. Pinsir and the rare and forgotten Mightyena. Unlike other sweepers, Mightyena has access to STAB priortity in the form of...
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    Team Prussian Army

    Look at other OU RMTs.
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    Good U-Turn Team?

    The rules state that you must have at least three lines in your descriptions. This helps others know exactly how each Pokémon ties into each other and so it would be easier for people to help you.
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    First OU Team

    Hello, I haven't got that much time so I'll make this short. I see a huge psychic weakness if Tyranitar is taken down. To at least patch this hole up a little, I would recommend that you replace Cobalion with Registeel. Registeel can spread paralysis and has way better defenses than Cobalion...
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    Singing, Dancing and Sweeping ft. Meloette

    Hello Smogoners, Smogonites and Smogonieers! I was browsing through Smogon, looking for new and unique Pokémon that I could use on my teams. After a while, I came across a rather odd Pokémon; Meloette. While her singing and dancing are not going to intimidate anybody anytime soon, her...
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    Go ahead

    Go ahead
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    A New Tier

    Hello Smogoners, Smgonites and Smogonieers! First off let me say that I was confused on where to post this thread. I was about to post it in the Pokémon Showdown Forum, but I think it would end up better in the Suggestion Box since Pokémon Showdown and Smogon are deeply intertwined. Second, I...
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    Apples & Oranges

    Hello! Shurtugal really took all my ideas but I did notice some move sets that needed to be tweaked. I have not got that much time at the moment so my advice will be short. Assuming that Celebi is reliable in baton passing nasty plots, you should afford to replace hydro pump with surf. I don't...
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    Out of Retirement and into the World of Hax

    Yeah sorry, I typed it first in Word and it came up weird I am currently fixing it.