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  1. supergoji18

    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Even though Rayquaza knows Dragon Ascent, It wont mega evolve. The option to do so does not even come up
  2. supergoji18

    Pokémon Kyurem-Black

    I have a team ready that uses Kyurem-B as a substitute for one of my main pokemon. I'll post in here when I get to actually use it. But at a glance it looks like it will do exceedingly well.
  3. supergoji18

    Pokémon Hydreigon

    I admit I didn't think about how valuable taking on Aegislash could be. Just did some calculations and apparently it can 2HKO Aegislash-Shield, while just being able to survive Sacred Sword from Aegislash-Blade. And then there is what the next person said: I had no idea they had such amazing...
  4. supergoji18

    Pokémon Hydreigon

    Looked through and didn't see anything regarding Hydreigon so here... Also I am new to the forums so if this is the wrong place, sorry. King Ghidorah Hydreigon Dark/Dragon 92/105/90/125/90/98 600 Ability: Levitate Notable moves: - Draco Meteor - Crunch - Dragon Pulse - Outrage...
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    Other Inverse Battles

    why scrappy? it hits Ghosts super effectively now so it wont need it.
  6. supergoji18

    Pokémon Goodra [REVAMP]

    base stats according to Bulbapedia and Serebii are 90/100/70/110/150/80 its ability Gooey will make it pretty dangerous. Either hit it with a special attack and do virtually no damage or hit it with a physical attack and weaken your sweeper by getting a speed drop. Choose wisely.
  7. supergoji18

    Pokémon Heliolisk

    might make for a decent revenge killer. Good speed and special attack with access to Volt Switch is always useful.
  8. supergoji18

    Pokémon Noivern

    This guy could make for an excellent scout. Its great base 123 speed makes it the fastest dragon type of all, and a good deal faster than a lot of other OU pokemon. Frisk pretty much ensures that you will always be able to tell what set your opponent is using. U-turn is just plain great as it...
  9. supergoji18

    Pokémon Tyrantrum

    i must admit that i am disappointed by the stats. i was hoping for something more like 95/130/120/60/70/80. But the current stats are still useful, though i don't think it will be OU. Probably UU. As for the ability, i am also a little disappointed. Strong Jaws is ok i guess. It would have...
  10. supergoji18

    Don't use IRC's TIBot or PS! for Base Stats

    people have already managed to hack the game and found previously undiscovered pokemon. Pretty sure that they could hack some more and find out the actual base stats for the pokemon.
  11. supergoji18

    Data Updated Base Stats

    not many of these are really significant except for a few. The ones that really stand out to me are: - Pidgeot: broke through that magic speed number. 101 isn't terrific but it is still better. Only problem is that this is pidgeot we're talking about. - Clefable: Now that it is a Fairy type it...
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