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  1. Tox

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Here's a clip of all the default box wallpapers:
  2. Tox

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Marks/ribbons are in and can be equipped. They display a toast in battle like in SWSH. However, you can't see them or enable/disable them in the box (but you see they have one but it's not equipped), they have to be in your party for some reason. This in an infuriating downgrade from SWSH, but...
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    Research Scarlet & Violet Battle Mechanics Research

    I don't know if this is beyond the purview of this thread because timer-related stuff is not as relevant for Showdown as it can be for console, but it would be neat to have answers for any possible changes to TOD (time-over-death) mechanics. This would entail things like: Timing entry...
  4. Tox

    Online Competition Jump! Magikarp!

    Panipani's recent twitter likes have a nice list of top teams, some with construction blogs to peruse: FWIW, I only finished top 250 after bombing out of 1700+ pts. but did a battle report anyway: blog (external site).
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    unsolicited messages in one's profile what is this, a youtube comments section? o tempora, o mores!

    unsolicited messages in one's profile what is this, a youtube comments section? o tempora, o mores!
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    BSS Mimikyu

    Check here. Mimikyu's most used sets are indeed the various crippler sets, with Choice Scarf making up almost a third of total usage! I think not mentioning Zygarde-C in the context of Choice Scarf Mimikyu is a fairly big missed opportunity. Not only is Mimikyu Zygarde-C's #1 partner (merely...
  7. Tox

    Battle Spot Cinderace (QC 2/2) (GP 1/1)

    For Choice Scarf sets, you already talk about opponents boosting past Cinderace's Speed level, so I think it may be useful to remind readers of the interactions with Ditto (also the extent to which Ditto competes for it as choice of item). In particular, when using Choice Scarf Cinderace on a...
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    Quality Control (Series 12/14 SS) Tyranitar (QC 1/2)

    The most common sets are covered, explanations are given for what they do with ample elaboration, and further options are given. This is mainly an aside, but because the lack of transfer moves is indeed referred to in other recent BSS-entries, I wonder if people familiar with other Smogon...
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    Battle Spot Quagsire

    I tried my darndest to find at least one truly insightful thing to add, like Shed Shell or something. But, no, foiled yet again; it's Quagsire. QC 1/2
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    Quality Control (Series 12/14 SS) Blissey (QC 0/2)

    Something that may be interesting to work into the analysis since you reserved both Blissey and Chansey: At the time of writing this, Blissey usage this season is down by over ten places over what it was last season (#28 -> #39), whereas Chansey is up a few places (#27 -> #24). Granted, it's not...
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    Battle Spot Umbreon

    Small niche. Check. Quality. Check. 2/2
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    Quality Control (Series 12/14 SS) Tyranitar (QC 1/2)

    Here's some feedback based on sets and explanations for some of the highest-finishing public teams with Tyranitar on them for the past two months of play. March: #78 - 220 HP, 252+ Atk, 28 Spe (Choice Band) - #98 - 252 HP, 204+...
  13. Tox

    Battle Spot Eternatus

    I took the liberty of going through the freshest batch of public Eternatus-teams in the 2100-1900 Elo range: #3 Modest 252/252/4 Def (Specs) - #58 +252 Def, 84 SpD, 172 Spe (Toxic, 2 attacks) -...
  14. Tox

    Battle Spot Yveltal

    I haven't played any meaningful amount of Yveltal myself yet this series, so I don't really have any observations based on first-hand experience of piloting it, and, honestly, I was waiting for someone else on QC to swoop in here to drop some knowledge and 2/2 this in the time between when you...
  15. Tox

    Resource Battle Stadium Damage Calculator Thread

    Some minor quibbles to report: Psyshock's damage is being reduced by Assault Vest. Triple Axel's base power increase on successive hits doesn't seem to be implemented. Dragon Darts still has a drop-down menu for number of hits, and defaults to 3 hits. Further, now that we have the same ruleset...
  16. Tox

    Battle Spot Shedinja

    This is perhaps only an aside at best, but because you rightly go into some detail about Poltergeist, its interaction with consumable items—being a fairly unique one—may also merit a mention. In this respect, various FIWAM (pinch) Berry and Sitrus Berry users certainly come to mind, with the...
  17. Tox

    Battle Spot Gastrodon

    I looked through most of the high-placing blogs from last season whose teams employed Gastrodon. Some takeaways: the defensive benchmarks of 252+ Atk Zacian-C Play Rough and 252 Atk Choice Band Urshifu-S Wicked Blow (252+ ones are favorable rolls for most) are still there on sets with mixed...
  18. Tox

    Battle Spot Mimikyu

    This is excellent work—gives reasons for and captures Mimikyu's transition into more support-based sets. If I had any desiderata, it would perhaps consist of a nod to Endure (Custap Berry sets), or Wide Lens as an alternative item on Thunder Wave sets. These are hardly supported by either usage...
  19. Tox

    Battle Spot Gastrodon

    As the person that submitted the specific EV-spread on that Specially Defensive set, here's some justifications for what it does if it is to make the final cut over more fully SpDef-invested sets. Kyogre: you avoid the 2HKO from up to Modest Choice Specs Ice Beam or Max Hailstorm/Max Strike...
  20. Tox

    Battle Spot Necrozma Dusk Mane

    Very comprehensive overview of all the major sets. I wonder if it is possible to put even more emphasis on the fact that first two sets are the basis of most of what's going on with Necrozma-DM in practice, just to give the reader an accurate picture of the reality of the ladder as it pertains...