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    like? if she feelin hot then i make that bitch froze

    like? if she feelin hot then i make that bitch froze
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    Tournament Neverused Snake Draft III: Week 1

    won gg
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    Tournament Neverused Snake Draft III: Player Sign-ups (Auction on 11/12/22 at 1:30 GMT-5)

    Player Name: Earth Tiers Played: ORAS NU Timezone : GMT+1
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    Tournament NU Blitz Tour - Finals [won by devon]

    tags didnt work apparently Kingofcrimea Ganso Kushalos rylon Zenadark Jarii GW RaJ.Shoot Hassin627 Snou neomon quziel Wanonymous1616 Davon Ren-chon Slide Count Riario Yoshi Lord Crucify Finchinator Yomii Adam the First PrinceOfAllTacos pokeisfun
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    Tournament NU Blitz Tour - Finals [won by devon]

    Round 2 Kingofcrimea vs. Ganso Kushalos vs. rylon - flip Zenadark vs. Jarii GW vs. RaJ.Shoot Hassin627 vs. Snou neomon vs. quziel Wanonymous1616 vs. Davon Ren-chon vs. Slide Count Riario vs. Yoshi Lord Crucify vs. Finchinator Yomii vs. Adam the First - extension, playing today PrinceOfAllTacos...
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    Tournament NU Blitz Tour - Finals [won by devon]

    Round 1 neomon VS Staxi Yoshi VS Bad Player Plimsoll Punks VS Lord Crucify dahli VS Kushalos Ganso VS esche poh VS Count Riario Zenadark VS Dragonflo Adam the First VS agenS Ren-chon VS DarkAngeallenq.q Kingofcrimea VS FLCL Cheese5555 VS Wanonymous1616 Snou VS starry blanket Louna VS Davon...
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    NU Mesprit

    Implement this and you should be fine for QC 1/3.
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    NU Rotom (revamp)

    Good job as usual, QC 1/3
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    NU BW NU Cup - Round 3

    Welcome to the BW NU Cup, the third official tournament of the Neverused Classic! You can find information and resources related to BW NU in the NU Old Gens Hub, and more information about the overall format and general information about the NU Classic in its hub thread. Rules: General...
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    NU BW NU Cup - Round 2

    Taking over Yoshi for this. Activity calls: Raseri vs snaga Quartosa vs Rabia Spl4sh vs Skelos - it looks like Spl4sh never responded to Skelos' VM Extension granted to Chill Shadow
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    Tournament NU Blitz Tour - Finals [won by devon]

    approved by eternally and stolen from OU NeverUsed Blitz Tournament Blitz is a format where you have 30 seconds at team preview and 10 seconds per turn Matches will be played in OU Blitz since it’s the only Blitz format available You must use regular NU teams Best of 3 Single elimination...
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    NU Ferroseed QC (3/3) GP (2/2)

    I feel as the Overview portrays Ferroseed as a much better Pokemon than it actually is; I wouldn't call it a "great hazard setter" (let's not forget that we're talking about a C+ pokemon) and I would emphasize on the fact that it struggles especially because it's weak to Fire- and Fighting- type...
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    NU Seismitoad [QC: 3/3] [GP: 2/2]

    It would be nice to have actual examples of which Choice locked Pokemon Seismitoad can scout. Fix this It can't really "safely" switch into them as getting hit by Toxic is a possibility that you stated and it would make Seismitoad a lot less effective. Just a nitpick but I don't think this is...
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    NU Malamar (revamp)

    I don't think that mentioning Rotom here is a good idea, it's not actually a pokemon it can set up on, you should probably put a fat water instead as Malamar can set up on most of them quite easily. This part is kinda iffy to me, I don't think Malamar should act as a status absorber throughout...
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    NU Whimsicott (revamp)

    this is good, 3/3
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    NU Steelix (revamp)

    couldn't find anything wrong with this, 3/3
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    NU Aerodactyl (revamp)

    Stealth Rock is a usable option over Roost on the Flyinium-Z set for certain teams, add it to the Moves section. 3/3
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    NU ADV NU Cup - Round 1

    opp never answered my vm and didn't give me a day when i pmd them on ps, and i'm not sure i can play on sunday so activity.