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  1. maikaru__

    Online Competition Paldea Prologue

    oh thank god we can sign up during the tour been changing my team for past couple of days and haven't been satisfied with either options until now x.x
  2. maikaru__

    Online Competition Paldea Prologue

    Played in a japanese practice tour this morning and found a tweet with the top 40 used pokemon from it give or take the amount of people who entered was around 195 (and only 180 played) hopefully this can help folks who still don't know whats good or not
  3. maikaru__

    Resource SV Battle Stadium Singles Team Bazaar

    heyo doubles player here trying out 3v3 singles for the first time I wanted to use ceruledge (because I used armarouge in doubles alot and it looks super cool), so I gathered all the mons that were used as partners for it from the HOME app and conjured these 6 reached triple digits with it for...
  4. maikaru__

    oh thanks!

    oh thanks!
  5. maikaru__

    Online Competition Ultimate Finale

    not if 6 kyogres have anything to say about it
  6. maikaru__


    welp there goes my no max gs rule prediction kinda wanna mess around with this one to give this game it's one last hoorah I can finally unbox my event diancie and friends from gen 6 (eventhough they'll be god awful)
  7. maikaru__

    Online Competition I Choose 'Chu!

    Unironically people do use evolite wish pika for endgames tho
  8. maikaru__

    Online Competition I Choose 'Chu!

    Eviolite Pikachu optimal??????? :blobthinking::blobthinking::blobthinking::blobthinking::blobthinking::blobthinking: It CAN tank a Max quake from Life orb raichu with a good amount of defense investment 252 Atk Life Orb Raichu Max Quake vs. 128 HP / 62 Def Eviolite Dynamax Pikachu: 177-211...
  9. maikaru__

    Online Competition I Choose 'Chu!

    Hat Pikachu is legal btw if anyone cares about that tour is kinda silly so I'm looking forward to it
  10. maikaru__

    Online Competition Jump! Magikarp!

    Hi i'm new here Any who here is my team I used for the Tour I peaked with on day 2 1775 buuuuuut I went down to 1698 on day 3 just shy from 1700 again ; w ; Arcanine was the mon I wanted to build around as it was a decent intimidate user with a decent amount of coverage Plus it was funny seeing...