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  1. Ur local kangaroo

    Post your searing hot takes

    So, I had a recent realization with Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, and it's that Shawn kinda SUCKS Now with TDPI, there tends to be two characters that are usually agreed on to be the best, Jasmine, and Shawn, and while I can definitely get behind that for Jasmine (she's my favorite character...
  2. Ur local kangaroo

    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for November 2023

    there is something extremely comical about Ubers being filled with Legendaries like yeah expect, and then this motherfucker shows up:
  3. Ur local kangaroo

    How leaving Pokémon Showdown! helped me get a girlfriend

    it's true people, my hiatus from Pokemon Showdown has ended up getting me a girlfriend, no, it's not from someone else, I AM THE GIRLFRIEND
  4. Ur local kangaroo

    I love your profile picture (totally not because I got obsessed with the Powerpuff Girls, yeah...

    I love your profile picture (totally not because I got obsessed with the Powerpuff Girls, yeah, it's nothing like that *awkward laughter*)
  5. Ur local kangaroo

    Holy shit, now that's a fire profile picture

    Holy shit, now that's a fire profile picture
  6. Ur local kangaroo

    Social LGBTQIA+

    Hi there, I have some unresolved coming out of the closet, so that ends today, because I have an important announcement it was a ordinary day in the middle of March, except for some reason the temperature decided that it didn't want to warm up, and ended up creating one of the most elongated...
  7. Ur local kangaroo

    Pridemons! (Requests Open)

    Holy shit, I love this, thank you so much Albatross! :heart:
  8. Ur local kangaroo

    Pridemons! (Requests Open)

    Hey, cool thread, if possible, I'd like a Non-Binary Delphox and a Bisexual Primarina
  9. Ur local kangaroo

    DEATH BATTLE generator

    LMAO, it wouldn't even count because I'm too inactive
  10. Ur local kangaroo

    10 years since 2012 doomsday

    honestly, I don't remember anything about the hypothetical 2012 doomsday event, probably because I didn't pay attention to that, I was probably too fixated on stuff on Nick Jr, Angry Birds, and Video Games on the Wii
  11. Ur local kangaroo

    Bet Your Avatar, Round 12: To Ketchum Or Not To Ketchum, That Is The Question

    YES, the unpopular choice paid off big time! Although it feels surreal to know that Ash's time as the protagonist is now almost up, in a way this is a loss for me because no more Ash being the main protagonist means no more screentime for Dragonite, which I'm salty about, but hey, I chose the...
  12. Ur local kangaroo

    hey! whatcha listenin' to, hotshot? (no embedded videos please)

    an official remix of Super Mario Galaxy 2's "Bowser's Galaxy Generator" that a lot of people are unaware of (can't believe that it came from the 2014 Olympic games)
  13. Ur local kangaroo

    BAH-HUMBUG: unpopular holiday opinions 2

    oh good, I always preferred Home Alone on my pizza
  14. Ur local kangaroo

    only post in this thread if ur at work

    I know that it's not exactly work, but I have school, so it technically counts, I have so little motivation to do the assignments, my mom threatened me with taking away my electronics if I fail, and I know I'm failing in at least one of my classes, but even the threat of that probably won't be...
  15. Ur local kangaroo

    Bet Your Avatar, Round 12: To Ketchum Or Not To Ketchum, That Is The Question

    I think that Ash will get the boot for the main character, I mean sure, he DID appear as the main character for 8 generations in a row, but remember, Brock stopped being a main character once the Black & White Series rolled in after 4 generations, plus with gen 9 having a bunch of out of left...
  16. Ur local kangaroo

    Media Meme songs that unironically slap [NO EMBEDS]

    Basically, anything posted by SiIvaGunner, case in point, CrazyBus
  17. Ur local kangaroo

    First pokemon game that you played?

    1. Pokémon Y, I have watched the anime for like two years prior to me getting Pokémon Y , and wanted to get into the games myself, but there was a bit of a problem, the only Pokémon games on the home consoles at the time were just spinoffs (and I'm pretty sure that I didn't know about most of...
  18. Ur local kangaroo

    Guessing Game: How many times has Mr.Bossaru posted "Contacted"

    300 (also 300 reasons to like Delphox)
  19. Ur local kangaroo

    Happy America Day 2047!

    Happy "America asserts its dominance over the UK" day
  20. Ur local kangaroo

    Hold up! You been scrolling for way too long now!

    My mouse wheel somehow broke also what kind of song is that?