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  1. Sicle

    B101 Inactive Tutee Posts & Updates

    Format of interest: SS Original Signup Post Link: Have I updated my Original Post?: yes returned 06/07/2023
  2. Sicle

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    ya you sold me im running iron hands immediately
  3. Sicle

    SV OU ALATAR: Magic Room of the Future (1900+ Peak)

    man teams like this just make me want to play more showdown
  4. Sicle


    Yo this is sick, I'd run it if I was good at stall
  5. Sicle

    Resource SS ZU Sample Teams

    This team is fire, been spamming it
  6. Sicle

    Social Why did you join Smogon?

    Joined the forums cause im tired of losing to this guy irl who brings the craziest pokemon sets. Last time was a money match. Also I would just like to improve at the game as well.
  7. Sicle


    Some Pokemon Cosplays I wanna do are Garchomp, Altaria and Electivire while my gf being the signature trainer of either. I'm thinking of doing a gijinka design for the pokemon instead of a more furry/anthro approach though. Probably plan to get them ready for an upcoming con next year cause I...
  8. Sicle

    your sprite designs are amazing

    your sprite designs are amazing
  9. Sicle

    B101 Inactive Tutee Posts & Updates

    Username: Sicle PS! Username: Sicle Timezone: EST (GMT-5) Usual Hours of Availability: Monday - Sunday Available 5-10PM except being Unavailable Thursday Experience with Pokemon: Started playing competitive pokemon during ORAS and did alot of wifi battles. Played in the various official...