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  1. leo60228

    Technical Support v2 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Operating system: NixOS 23.11 Web Browser (with version, if you know it): Firefox 118.0.1 Have you tried other browsers? If so, which one, and does this problem happen on them as well? Chromium 116.0.5845.187 has the same issue. When did this problem start? Unknown Your PS username: leo60228 And...
  2. leo60228

    Resource Draft League Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Initially posted this in the Showdown Suggestions forum but was told it should go here: NatDex without move changes was already brought up in this thread, but this situation seems different since these Pokémon are on the cartridge.
  3. leo60228

    Invalid Draft formats should allow unreleased Pokémon

    I'm aware of that, but the draft formats were added very recently and aren't mentioned on the policy page, so I wasn't sure where else to ask. Are the draft formats considered to be Smogon OMs? They're definitely not any of the other categories, and they're not under the OM categories in the...
  4. leo60228

    Invalid Draft formats should allow unreleased Pokémon

    Some drafts may choose to allow players to draft Pokémon that are in the data of Scarlet/Violet but not yet available (like Cinderace). The draft formats should allow this. The NatDex formats aren't correct here, since they also include things like moves. NatDex formats also have Hisuian Pokémon...
  5. leo60228

    Metagame Terastallization Tiering Discussion [ UPDATE POST #1293]

    Wasn't there also briefly an OU (No Mega) ladder?