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  1. HiByeY

    OU Room Premier League III - Sign Ups Thread

    Username:HiByeY Tiers Played:Gen 6 to Gen 8 Timezone: CT Availibility: week night and early morning weekend any time
  2. HiByeY

    Nintendo Switch

    The switch is different from every Nintendo console... LOVE IT can not wait for sword and sheild :)
  3. HiByeY

    Sword & Shield **Official news only** DLC Crown Tundra 22nd October

    OMG. These games are gonna be great. Scourbunny all the way.I am gonna miss megas though:(:psycry::blobpensive::blobsad:I do like the gigantamaxthey look pretty cool
  4. HiByeY

    SM UU UU offense with strange Mew

    Put more damage moves
  5. HiByeY

    I love Anime! Lets go pokemon shield

    I love Anime! Lets go pokemon shield