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  1. BH Balanced Hackmons (Even more samples @ #3)

    Day 1 team Straight forward mixed Diancie team. Try to break through defensive cores with toxic and strength sap denial in form of Tyranitar (really bad pokemon to use mbounce on but nobody expects it). Toxic immune pokemon such as steels, poison and mguard...
  2. OM National Dex Balanced Hackmons

    Ok so i hit rank 1 and rank and rank 12 and 36 at the same time while playing with the team izlore made. The Team is good and i also used it a lot in my suspect test run.
  3. OM NDBH Suspect #2: another (Terastallization, again)

    I think tera is broken. However i think banning it will take a LOT of tempo out of the tier for offensive pokemon and we will need a lot more bans following tera (looking at you zacc, deo a, ori pulse, CEdge). I am voting ban nonetheless.
  4. BH Balanced Hackmons (Even more samples @ #3)

    I would like to share a team I built as a sample team. Did very well on ladder and is somewhat inspiried by Tea Guzzler and his amazing BH Dex documentation. Team Name: Very simple offense Synopsis: Simple Palkia + Simple Ghostceus + most broken mons in the tier = profit Pokepaste...
  5. Yes.

  6. Non-official SV National Dex BH #1 - Terastallization

    Terastallization: Do not Ban
  7. Suspect SV BH Suspect 2: Shapeshifter (Terastallizing)

    After losing to Ballfire Jank I met the requirements Prob voting for no ban but might change. I used (Kiras team I think)
  8. Non-official SV BH Suspect #1: Poison Heal

    Poison Heal: Ban
  9. Suspect BH Suspect #1: Poison Heal

    I am voting for Ban.
  10. New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Request to change my username to "gerninja" or if not avaialable "gerninja1". Account created over 5 years ago and only just now came back. Also that's my username on showdown now so I would like to use it on here as well. done--mari