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  1. Connor Cadaver

    Project Your Favorite Teams of Generation 8

    Naptime :ss/melmetal: :ss/clefable: :ss/rillaboom: :ss/heatran: :ss/landorus-therian: :ss/dragonite: (click sprites for team) This is a team with Rest Melmetal paired with Aromatherapy Clefable. I really like this team because it is unique and interesting, but also functional! It is also one of...
  2. Connor Cadaver

    Gen 8 SHEDINJA STALL : An Advanced Guide to MU Locking

    Minor optimization, but couldn't you make Shedinja have minimum Defense and Special Defense IVs and a Rash nature (+SPA - SPDEF) so that on the off chance ditto copies shedinja, it has the weakest defenses? This is a really niche situation but it couldn't hurt.
  3. Connor Cadaver

    SS OU Electric Terrain + Rain Team

    specs peli is fine but only on hyper offense rain
  4. Connor Cadaver

    SS OU Electric Terrain + Rain Team

    Your Pelipper can be choice specs, but it should really just be defog for this team. Weather ball is an absolute must for zapdos on rain. You need it to nail things like landorus and heatran
  5. Connor Cadaver

    SS OU Electric Terrain + Rain Team

    I'm confused by your Raichu set. It has choice specs and nasty plot, and it definitely needs the coverage. Surf can be very useful to help defeat Landorus. Surf is also rain boosted, so I don't see why not.