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  1. Tungdil

    Resource SS OU Viability Rankings

    It looks like my comment is the first nomination. :corviknight: A- to A I think the VR doesn't reflect the importance of Corviknight. It's a solid check to dangerous threats like :weavile: and :tapu-lele:. Besides being arguably the second-best Defogger in the tier. :Gengar: C+ to B- It's a...
  2. Tungdil

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Where can I find the SS OU Viability Ranking? There was a Generation 8 thread below the SV thread, but I can't find it anymore. Thank you
  3. Tungdil

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Among the Protean users, why is the following true? :cinderace: > :greninja: > :meowscarada: That is, what's the most important difference? Move pool? Typing? Stats? A combination of these? Protean=Libero I'm borrowing the symbol a>b from math to imply that a is better than b
  4. Tungdil

    Resource SV OU Viability Ranking Thread [ UPDATE: POST #751 ]

    Why did Talonflame drop? Didn't it keep up as an alternative Defogger? The tier doesn't have so many options, so I thought we'd see more of it. Thank you the council for putting again so much effort into the VR thread. Edit: sorry I just realized somebody else asked this. Please feel free to...
  5. Tungdil

    Project Introducing: SV Fight Nights

    I think this type of match is very cool to bring more people to Smogon. Congratulations to the organizers! Finch, Freezai, Mudkip and everyone else. As other people said, it would be fun to see more challenges, and maybe a tournament among the popular poketubers, Aim, Wolfey, Blunder, Finch...
  6. Tungdil

    Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    Very happy for the hermanos! Very deserved! Congratulations Argentina! This was a match full of emotions. PS: In 2022 Brazil will COLONISE North America
  7. Tungdil

    Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    Yes, it is. That 7x1 is the motivation for every football match we play since then. You know, to lose is a completely normal thing, we lost in 2006 for France, and in 2010 for the Netherlands. They were superior and that's it, and both went to the finals and lost to Italy and Spain...
  8. Tungdil

    Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    Perdemos mano :psycry: But now go Morocco and Argentina !
  9. Tungdil

    Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    Ronaldo and his generation are the main inspiration for the current team, no doubt about that. These players were children in 2002 and watched that underrated and discredit team beat all its tough rivals (in my opinion, the most difficult was England). So despite a huge difference in skills...
  10. Tungdil

    Gen 8 Sticky Web + Bewear (its very bad "BandedAI: the team is 7^-3"/10) help me

    Hi tummach ! I will try to help your team. Replay 1 is nice to see why Specs on :Cryogonal: is good. Replay 2 shows that the team is very weak to common threats, such as Fighting-types. Replay 3 I tested Choice Band, but :Bewear: is too frail (and Assault Vest doesn't help too much, because...
  11. Tungdil

    Gen 8 Fatty Bird Spam SS OU! (please help)

    Hey AndViet, fellow football fan. Thank you very much for your suggestions!! Weavile has proven to be a pain in my tests, even Choice Band. I also struggle with Kartana, so Body Press is the perfect move. I agree 100% with the suggestions for Ferrothorn, mainly the sentence Concerning the...
  12. Tungdil

    Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    Congratulations to Cameroon Brazil played so badly today, unfortunately. It's good to see a victory of an African team, even though this victory is against my team :psycry: Now it's the round of 16, can't lose anymore.
  13. Tungdil

    Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    Don't forget about Argentina. Our hermanos (brothers in Spanish, their language) are still alive and quite strong despite their defeat against Saudi Arabia. England and Netherlands are strong too, mainly England the runners-up of Euro 2020. However, I believe we will have a final between Brazil...
  14. Tungdil

    Gen 8 Fatty Bird Spam SS OU! (please help)

    I start by saying there is another Bird Spam team in this gen. However, what I'm trying here is quite different, and I'd love to hear from the community. Here is the team :Corviknight: :Zapdos-Galar: :Moltres: :Gastrodon: :Ferrothorn: :Hydreigon:, and here are the sets: Corviknight @ Rocky...
  15. Tungdil

    Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    頑張れ日本! GANBARE NIHON! Heroic classification, they simply won against two World Champions!
  16. Tungdil

    Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    The powerful Belgium, the second-best national team by the FIFA ranking, was eliminated. Who could have anticipated that? Congratulations to Morroco for being the first in their group! Maybe this is the biggest surprise in this world cup, more than the victory of Saudi Arabia against Argentina...
  17. Tungdil

    Sports FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

    Congratulations to Tunisia !! Well deserved!! They dominated the match until the last 15 minutes. They are eliminated in great style.
  18. Tungdil

    Social What do you do for work?

    I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the university. Since I obtained my Doctoral degree in 2019 I spent my time working on specific projects. I work with mathematical modelling in population ecology, and as the name suggests, the models are applied to real populations, such as an insect living in a...
  19. Tungdil

    Pokémon Quagsire

    You mentioned that it doesn't have resistances. However, :quagsire: takes 0.5 from Rock and Poison-types. That is not a big advantage overall, but it can, for example, threaten Glimmora :glimmora: without Toxic. Edit: I forgot to mention immunity to Electric-types, but it doesn't change the idea.