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  1. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    That's where you kind of fall apart. Volcanion has great coverage and great STABs. Let's get that out of the way first. That's true, yes? But it can only use one move a turn. You know it's running Steam Eruption, because why the hell wouldn't you, you know it's running a Fire move, and you know...
  2. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    Okay... Oh I completely forgot Earth Power was a tutor move from ORAS. Bulbapedia y u no have good filter :/ Fire/Water is an average typing if I've seen one. I won't deny it has resistances, but Earthquake weaknesses are never a small matter. Besides, Magearna variants tend to carry Volt...
  3. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    Not great. 1. He's vulnerable to all three entry hazards, and Stealth Rock especially. 2. He's hard walled by Toxapex. Well, that might be a stretch. You can run Earthquake in a surprise mixed set to do some mad damage to it and 2HKO (Base 110 attack isn't bad at all), but Volcanion likes...
  4. Serious Autism/Aspergers/ADD/ADHD/Other Mental Disorders

    I had a golden trifecta of ADHD, Asperger's (Now quantified as high-functioning autism in the DSM V), and minor OCD. It's gotten much better now that I've grown the fuck up, but they rear their ugly heads up from time to time.
  5. Pokémon Toxapex

    I feel like Rocky Helmet is still a great way to punish U-turn users in some small manner and chip down Megagross variants that don't run Earthquake, but extra regeneration is still king, I suppose.
  6. Pokémon Alola Ninetales

    People still think Slush Rush is good? (Is this Merciless 2.0?)
  7. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    You could be a horrible person and run Moltres with Mega Sableye.
  8. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel like sand is weaker this generation because (A) there are more viable weather setters in OU (Alolatails and Pelipper) to contend with, (B) Tapu Bulu bashes the living fuck out of even Hippowdon and Tyranitar, two Pokemon that are primary sand-setters and physically...
  9. Pokémon Minior

    Oh, I completely forgot.
  10. Pokémon Minior

    Smack Down and Gravity are generally subpar moves and the only worthwhile move that smacks down, Thousand Arrows, would OHKO you anyways.
  11. Pokémon Toxapex

    Also, Baneful Bunker is kind of bad- nobody was going to really use a contact move to attack Toxapex anyways unless you brought it in on the switch.
  12. Pokémon Magearna

    That was not my implication- I already knew that even though one of the main reasons for using Alolawak is gone, the Pokemon itself hasn't been changed. And Alolawak to me is blatantly overrated- it has three immunities with Lightning Rod, sure, but it doesn't actually have good resistances- Bug...
  13. Pokémon Magearna

    Marowak is taking a drop in use because it was one of Genesect's more consistent checks.
  14. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    I've been seeing the opposite, really. Starmie really doesn't have a place right now, sand teams seem subpar and uncommon for some odd reason so Sand Rush Excadrill isn't nearly as common as I think it should be, and the Tapus not named Koko are pretty manageable. In fact, I think this...
  15. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    In that case, I feel like probably the next suspect should be Mega Sableye because forcing switches and even making their Skarmory waste a turn on Defogging your rocks is probably the only consistent way to even fight stall- and Mega Sableye makes it such a horrible mind game instead. I mean...
  16. Pokémon Toxapex

    I actually went with 252 special defense/calm, because Toxapex's defense is naturally higher anyways and Toxapex tends to- as you noted previously- take a lot of special moves. So why not shore up its defenses in that respect? Yes, I know, running Rocky Helmet with a special defense focused...
  17. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    I know it's a bit premature and multiple members of the Smogon staff have said no to this idea, but has anybody looked at suspecting Arena Trap in particular? Or should I just git gud and learn how to deal with Dugtrio since Team Preview is a thing?
  18. Pokémon Buzzwole

    What's up with the word creativity now? Has ABR unleashed an unstoppable meme upon us? Also I think that the Ultra Beasts were a case of very focused design- they have very precisely turned stats and move pools to excel at what they do but nothing much else. Buzzwole is a prime example, I...
  19. Pokémon Toxapex

    Ignoring this pokelatent5 guy who seems to have no clue what he's doing, I'm pretty sure Genesect's ban will have no effect on Toxapex (Genesect literally did nothing to this thing unless it was using a Download boosted Thunderbolt, in which case you probably should have run for the hills)...
  20. Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    I'm not forgetting that (This generation was a huge boon to Megagross because now you don't have to run Bullet Punch at all unless you're crazy) but I feel like the meta being filled with relatively common Rocky Helmeters makes Megagross users have to play more cautiously than they'd like...