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  1. nomadderwhat

    e duvet

    set of 3 sprites i drew
  2. nomadderwhat

    Gen 5 Revisiting BW Monotype

    I really like to play bw when i do bother to play on showdown, and i have built and helped build a decent number of teams for crashy for the past (3?) mpls. (not boasting just for reference) I've erased many paragraphs trying to think about what to say here, ultimately I guess I wish more...
  3. nomadderwhat

    e duvet

    did these for the past monotype premier league and current monotype national dex pl
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    Signups Monotype Winter Premier IV - Player Signups

    Name: nomadderwhat Metagames: all (permanently bench, only sub if i can play immediately and i get a team, basically a body) Timezone: gmt-5 Activity Issues: tons, ill be very inactive
  5. nomadderwhat

    if youre around i will sub in to play

    if youre around i will sub in to play
  6. nomadderwhat

    e duvet

    Been a while, here are some portraits !
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    Team MPL VII - Discussion Thread

    So for my mpl christmas, i would like the braves to win 5-3 next week, and for the treeckos to win 7-1 (or if fylkir wins 6-2) so that the treeckos will end the season in 1st place. /me sends letter to mpl santa EDIT: i was mixing up braves score with thunders so it isnt possible :(
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    Team Monotype Premier League VII - Week 6

    won gg
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    e duvet

    Was trapped at the bmv...
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    Metagame SS Monotype Metagame Discussion [Crown Tundra]

    Based on the idea of counterplay, the 10% dodge items shouldn't be banned because of wide lens' existence. King's rock should stay because we are not aiming to get rid of haxy flinch tactics. King's rock when abused with cloyster has a lower chance than togekiss and jirachi using their...
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    Signups MPL VII - Player Sign-ups

    Name: nomadderwhat Metagames Played: sm only, i mean it. Timezone: -4 Potential Activity Issues: very inactive, ill show up to play
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    e duvet

    Who's that trainer?
  13. nomadderwhat

    e duvet

    couple o gals + shroomish
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    Team MPL VII Format Discussion Thread

    As far as I know I wasn't invited to the vote party so I'm getting this thread to cut to the chase. We don't need research papers when this is just an appeal to lower the slots because the last couple of player picks are crap. Everything else is just some sparkle dust that no one really cares...
  15. nomadderwhat

    Team MPL VII Format Discussion Thread

    ladder doesnt matter < seasonals dont matter < mpl with noobs doesnt matter ... stop beating around the bush about burnout and some other goofy excuses and just vote on whether or not youre gonna make this some "agreed upon strong friends only tour" or leave it alone a real mans format: ss...
  16. nomadderwhat

    e duvet

    couple o dudes
  17. nomadderwhat

    e duvet

    Monotype battler by trade, I also enjoy drawing. I like to use pen, sumi ink, colored pencil, and my drawing tablet. I'd like to dive into animation at some point, but up until now I've just done short designs. I'll try to keep this thread alive with some periodic draws, enjoy :]
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    i support what has served me well

    i support what has served me well
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    Metagame SS Monotype Metagame Discussion [Crown Tundra]

    You're best off taking a sample team and making changes as you go to make it your own. Teambuilding is all about putting yourself in a position to win the most games, sample teams and usage should be good learning tools to jumpstart your creativity. Ultimately, you need experience to develop...
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    Team Monotype World Cup II Format Discussion

    A focus on older tiers would be the most exciting for me to watch. Nobody plays bw/oras/sm unless they have to. SS you can get on the ladder and seasonals. This would encourage more talent being found for mpl that might not have gotten a chance otherwise due to region locking. Also gives a...