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  1. BurningMan

    OU Tyranitar

    Can we deslash Fire Punch and put Crunch there? Fire Punch has only 2 targets in Scizor and Ferro (and Baloon Exca) and imo is never worth the coverage that Ice Punch provides while Crunch is a useful secondary stab with good coverage. Crunch isn't worth it over Stone Edge for the reasons...
  2. BurningMan


    Is the slight power boost and being a little faster in the rain really worth the slot over specs Keldeo? Keldeo has a useful secondary stab, an arguably better secondary typing, is faster outside of the rain and has decent bulk that allows it to switch in way easier, not to mention that it got a...
  3. BurningMan


    I tend to always run 31, 0 Spe EVs only help in Aegi vs. Aegi scenarios and most of them are terible mind games anyway were the best you can do is usually just switching out. 31 Spe EVs allow you to outspeed Chansey and Hippo which is usually more helpful.
  4. BurningMan

    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    in addition to the Pokemon s_aman already listed Terrakion (Band or LO), Keldeo (Specs or LO), Excadrill (if you want hazard removal the choice scarf set is a great revengekiller and can reliably remove hazards in a pinch) and if you use Exca that also opens the possiblities for 4x SR weak pokes...
  5. BurningMan

    The World Cup of Pokémon IX - Sign Ups - Read post #322 and #463

    Pokémon Showdown Username(s): BurningMan Tiers: BW OU XY OU Country / State of Residence: Germany Nationality: German Other Eligibility (if applicable): none
  6. BurningMan

    drugs (we're gonna get hi, hi, hi)

    Well it really depends on where you live and how you define expensive. In rural Germany you pay 8-15€ per gramm weed depending on your dealer and how "good" the stuff is, shrooms are like 30€ for 2 gramm (but are pretty hard to come by since not many people sell them so it is easier to grow...
  7. BurningMan

    Charizard X [2/3]

    There is literally no reason to outspeed max speed Heatran since it is almost non-existant and you can't hurt it anyway while Max Speed M-TTar is a very real threat that you might not be able to hit incredibly hard, but being able to hit it first can be extremely valuable in numerous scenarios.
  8. BurningMan


    Mmh i feel that offensive with Air Baloon should get a set, but i am not too sure what it should look like, IMO SR should definitelly be slashed since it is an excellent SR setter for offensive teams especially with Air Balloon and i feel that Will O Wisp really needs a mention since its one of...
  9. BurningMan

    Charizard X [2/3]

    How about 120 for Jolly M TTar?
  10. BurningMan

    Latios [Calm Mind] [QC: 0/3]

    Thats because latios does Roost+Defog better than Latias in the current metagame so Latias main niche is the unique Defog + Healing Wish combo.
  11. BurningMan


    I don't really like that sentence just mention that bulkier offensive threats need to be slightly weakend to be KOd by +2 Extreme Speed so they can check it at full health. Can cause serious problems seems like a bit of an exaggeration given that they can be KOd after 2 SR switch-ins or with a...
  12. BurningMan

    OU Landorus

    Could you call it Bulky Dragonite or Tank Dragonite, because when i heard SDef Dragonite i thought of the old Parashuffler set which is why i thought it was really bad. AV Tornadus-T didn't got an Anlysis because it is so weak without LO and neither its bulk nor defensive typing are that great...
  13. BurningMan

    OU Landorus

    Can you take out AV Tornadus it wasn't approved and isn't really good and replace it with SDef Zapdos and Rotom-W both are pretty common and solid checks for Landorus. I am also not too sure about SDef Dragonite because i have personally never seen anybody using this in Gen 6.
  14. BurningMan

    Game of Thrones [thronies rejoice! XD]

    Well its not really bad if Vikings spoilers itself since the important characters never die anyway and Ragnar always wins in the end, seriously the end of the season finale was incredibly lame, the only reason to watch the show for me are the battles that feature gore galore.
  15. BurningMan

    Lucario (QC 0/3)

    While technically not incorrect, these Pokemon outspeed you with or without a Scarf (not to mention that scarf Keldeo and Landorus are extremely uncommon), better examples would be Excadrill, Landorus-T and Rotom-W.
  16. BurningMan

    OU Rotom-H

    It still gets smashed by D-Meteor, Surf and Psyshock while it can't really do anything back so i really don't think that its worth mentioning just because you resist one of its coverage moves even though i agree that T-Bolt is one of Latias better options.
  17. BurningMan

    OU Rotom-H

    Can somebody explain me how Rotom-H handles Latias much better compared to Rotom-W, maybe replace that with M-Mawile? Also i am not 100% sure but i think Celebie was rejected so take out the mention and replace it with M-Venu (actually you should do that even if it wasnt rejected).
  18. BurningMan

    OU Umbreon

    Meh as it was said before Umbreon needs all of Wish/Protect/Foul Play/Heal Bell to not be totally outclassed and actually effective. A set like you propose would propably have Wish/Protect/BDE/Toxic so you have no attacking moves and would be walled by every poison/steel type you could throw out...
  19. BurningMan


    Substitute is cool on any attacker, but its not a good option on Deo-S because first it is affected by all forms of residual damage + LO recoil so Substitute wears it down even faster which isn't great, second it is easiely forced out due to the Stat drops of its main attacking moves Psycho...
  20. BurningMan

    OU Scolipede (Offensive)

    I really think SD should get a mention not over any coverage move but at least over Protect it outspeeds enough things and has some useful resistances along with okayish bulk to take a weak hit, so you are not always forced to set-up on a predicted switch that i think it can be viable. Just...