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  1. Tournament DCL I - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize, SIGNUPS CLOSED]

    User name: Wamuudes Time Zone GMT-4 Discord Tag wormfan76 Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM, ORAS Availability after 4pm est all weekdays minus monday, before 2pm est all saturday, all day sunday monday Player Info i've been in a lot of draft leagues that have burned out...
  2. National Dex National Dex Ladder Tournament III - Cycle 2

    Forum name: Wamuudes Alt: NDLT3RQL pepis Yeah
  3. National Dex THE WAY THINGS GOING

    out of interest why do none of the pokemon on this team have any offensive investment
  4. National Dex National Dex Ladder Tournament III - Cycle 1

    Forum name: Wamuudes Cycle 1 Alt: NDLT3HPU whamu Did you read this whole post?: yaya
  5. Gen 8 SHEDINJA STALL : An Advanced Guide to MU Locking

    as someone who pretty much exclusively enjoys playing shedinja stall, this team is a ray of light in a dark world. i love this rmt so much it's unreal. thank you for blessing us with your wisdom.
  6. SS OU Shedinja Stall: The Movie

    I'm going to try a few games with Hex over Sneak. I'll tell you how it goes!
  7. SS OU Shedinja Stall: The Movie

    nvm im stupid smogon pp doesn't factor in pp ups
  8. SS OU Shedinja Stall: The Movie

    I'm aware that Poltergeist+ Knock Off isn't a great combination, which is why I like Shadow Sneak more as an attacking move. Plus Shadow Sneak's 48 PP lets Shedinja attempt to PP stall against certain Pokemon like Thunder Wave Blissey.
  9. SS OU Shedinja Stall: The Movie

    Wouldn't Hex be in almost every way inferior to Poltergeist? (Shedinja has base 30 Spatk, condition for doing good damage is harder to achieve on Hex, only 2 more PP than Poltergeist) I guess it's not like that matters much anyway since Shadow Sneak is way better than both other moves.
  10. SS OU Shedinja Stall: The Movie

    Just realized that I forgot to include a pokepaste link in the importable section. Sorry!
  11. SS OU Rate my teams advice would be appreciated

    wouldn't you run stone edge instead of eq since tyranitar's part rock type?
  12. SS OU Shedinja Stall: The Movie

    :ss/shedinja: :ss/mandibuzz: :ss/heatran: :ss/sylveon: :ss/toxapex: :ss/ditto: Intro and Importable: Fair warning, this is my first RMT ever, so I probably forgot something that I needed to include. Let me know if there's anything that needs revision! While undeniably a niche pick, Shedinja...