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  1. Projects National Dex UU Team Bazaar

    havent tested ANY of these teams enough to rly say how good they are :xy/noivern: :xy/tyranitar-mega: :bw/excadrill: :rb/clefable: :gs/skarmory: :xy/volcanion: (oh god the gs sprites are so awkward LOL) made this team to celebrate noivember (a celebration...
  2. Resource SV National Dex UU VR

    what does munki even do. like i can see a reason for each of these new additions but munki seems like extreme pursuit bait for choiced sets and none of its stabs are really spammable at all with both of them having common immunities and resists, just seems like a worse zam who already aint that...
  3. Signups NDFL I - Player Signups [Auction November 12 @ 3PM -5]

    bah fuck it Player name: jawsome274 Tiers: SS NDOU, SV NDUU Timezone: -5 after daylight savings time Forseeable inactivity: in a couple of weeks i might be unable to play for like a day or 2 that i normally would we shall see, other than that school and work on fridays and saturdays
  4. Social LGBTQIA+

    you do realize thats still discrimination if we're under the assumption that heterosexual people are "supported" (which is very vague)
  5. Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - Teal Mask Edition

    hey all, would just like to share an offensive core that came to me in a dream while i was walking home and that i needed to make into reality :bw/tornadus-therian: and :dp/mamoswine: both create a really, really effective core alongside spikes support that can pressure their switchins while...
  6. Social LGBTQIA+

    chatot cause we can both say the f slur
  7. Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v3 [6 Days until DLC2]

    tera fairy clef in the sample team goes nuts
  8. Pokémon Crawdaunt

    are you looking at how the mon would fare in uu or are you just assuming its dropping to ru because "power creep is so real"
  9. what happened to ur disc if you dont mind saying

    what happened to ur disc if you dont mind saying
  10. Social LGBTQIA+

    @ all straight people this is my question to you
  11. Social LGBTQIA+

    am now currently realizing the irony of a transfem by chance getting a male-locked pokemon as her profile picture by complete chance anyways, name is rose/mipha, i use she/her and fae/faer and i used to be pretty active in mons while atm i sorta just larp and click/spam unsets on ladder...
  12. i think i was the one who called it frogadier so this implies i am NOT the silliest user of all time

    i think i was the one who called it frogadier so this implies i am NOT the silliest user of all time
  13. Tournament NDWC III - Finals (Won by USA Northeast + Canada)

    i'm glad i was able to pretend to help and just in general hang in the server, my interest in mons has kinda died down a little since this began but i still appreciate it a ton thank u Isza for the invite and you and everyone for just being supportive all around :) also gz to everyone for being...
  14. Metagame National Dex Metagame Discussion

    there was already a tera sus not too long ago and unfortunately you can't just undo susses so it'll probably be a while till it's resussed. not much the council can do unfort
  15. discord:jawsome274#1312

  16. Tournament NDWC III - Player Signups

    Player Name: jawsome274 Tiers: SSND Country / US Region of Residence: US (North)East Other Eligibility: n/a
  17. says you're offline

    says you're offline
  18. on as jawsome274

    on as jawsome274
  19. should work yeah

    should work yeah