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  1. Media Videogame thread

    played a couple games DRAGON QUEST XI - PS4 this game has been talked about to death so I don't really need to say much. but yes it lives up to the hype. yes the animations are great, the worldbuilding is great. the chraracters are great. the combat is great. sadly. the music (on the ps4...
  2. Media Videogame thread

    nvm this game sucks
  3. Social The Smogon Photo Album

    when u open the wayfair cabinet
  4. Media Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    the new digimon is fucking sick
  5. Media itt: movie/film discussion - Beware Spoilers

    anyone wanna do a film club. each week we can watch something and discuss it
  6. i have no mouth and i must coof - a walrus

    hey guys i still need you to submit if youve signed up. missing a bunch
  7. Media Videogame thread

    Assassins Creed Odyssey I'm about 2/3rds of the way through this and I dont think that the gameplay will change much so heres my thoughts. It is a lot better than I expected first off, it pretty much directly rips off the witcher 3s gameplay which really isnt that bad a thing to rip off. You...
  8. Media Videogame thread

    personally i jus play tlou2 for the graphic dog murder
  9. i have no mouth and i must coof - a walrus

    yeah ill extend the deadline another week. but this is the last extension
  10. i have no mouth and i must coof - a walrus

    gonna put this off 1 more week due to irl issues
  11. Hot Takes

    yeah i love iggy