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  1. BaffleTome

    CAP 33 - Art Submissions

    WIP Cait Sidhe with its water golem dog thing. Be sure to wear raincoats when its raining cats and dogs out there. I dont think I can really get this idea to work so im gonna try and cook up somethin else. I just dunno what yet. EDIT: Fixed pic size.. hopefully
  2. BaffleTome

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 4

    Sunfished Both entries are amazing, was a hard choice. But I choose to side with the Sun cult! It’s been an honour, both participating in this and seeing how this plays out!
  3. BaffleTome

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 3

    Sunfished BlorengeRhymes Yokaiju Quanyails StephXPM JAGFL Darek
  4. BaffleTome

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 2

    StephXPM BlorengeRhymes Sunfished Golurkyourself ausma Chillie Sgt.Moose Yokaiju
  5. BaffleTome

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 1

    StephXPM NoahIOTJ BlorengeRhymes Sunfished mark6870 Felis Licht XavierTheCoolDudeX Quanyails Golurkyourself ausma Scizivire BobKingOfSeagulls JAGFL Explosion Badger Mos-Quitoxe Yilx Raakshi DougJustDoug Chillie Sgt. Moose Yokaiju lucasgvc Falchion Gravity Monkey paintseagull shadowshocker...
  6. BaffleTome

    CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Goin all in on the Smore Red Mage Witch Fencer whathaveyou. I may edit this post if I manage to finish up my attack references to add to the supporting material. Just.. don't hold your breath on that. Edit: Fixed thumbnail size and added a really unclear bitter blade rough...
  7. BaffleTome

    CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    WIP Switchin back to witch. Speaking of which, witch switched class to Red Mage. Edit: I should say I got further help with building this from the previous iteration from Mos-Quitoxe and Pipotchi in particular. Cant say thanks enough!
  8. BaffleTome

    CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    WIP different thing now
  9. BaffleTome

    CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    WIP Here's s'more witch even though I considered burning it at the stake more than once. It's even carrying its own stick already alight for pete's sake. It is especially thanks to Mos-Quitoxe and Gravity Monkey that I haven't sent her to oblivion - I cannot thank them enough. A notable change...
  10. BaffleTome

    CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    WIP Witch of chocolate, candy or candles - whichever is it? Some witch, that's which. Feel free to leave feedback, or leave a sandwich, or feed me a sandwich. Whichever works. Modedit: Changing second image to thumbnail.
  11. BaffleTome

    CAP27 - Art Poll 1

    Quanyails Pipotchi Sunfished Yilx Cresselia92 StephXPM noobiess Gravity Monkey Magistrum A_Magical_Liopleurodon judgesludge
  12. BaffleTome

    CAP 26 - Prevo Poll

  13. BaffleTome

    CAP 26 - Art Poll 4

  14. BaffleTome

    CAP 25 F Prevo - Stage 2 - Name Poll 1

    Smoguana Monitorch Smirkoal
  15. BaffleTome

    CAP 25 W Prevo - Stage 2 - Name Poll 1

    Coribalis Mollusquall
  16. BaffleTome

    CAP 25 G Prevo - Stage 2 - Name Poll 1

    Electrelk Cervolt Elex Springshok Thundeer Modedit: Fixing spelling of "Electrelk".