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  1. SV OU Maushold Magnezone Meowscarada MVolt-Turn (Peak 1950 #23)

    amazing job! I personally can't use the team, I can't stop buffed pokes like hawlucha, roaring moon etc. Just a simple dragon dance/ sword dance + tera and is over.
  2. SV OU Double Regen Stall - Peaked #1, 2061, 86.7% GXE

    Now i understand why all are using hatterene.
  3. SV OU Garganacl Hazards Spam (Peak 2083 #1)

    How do you deal with rotom-wash and another great tusk? Ill try to test de team a bit (around 1500-1700) and i cant do anything with this mons, hard counter and there are in almost any game
  4. Lets get physical Omari P Cobalion All Physical Offense | Top 15

    rain teams and blacephalon are hard to deal with this team.
  5. SS OU TAPU BULU BO– peaked #96,1850+ (anti rain, anti stall, anti landorus-t!)

    how do you deal with ferro and nidoking?
  6. SM OU Tsareena is the Ender of Worlds, Hail her as your Queen (Peaked 2000+ #5)

    Nice team man! Im in love whit this team, i like azumarril in rain team but imo ur team can be check by some teams, actually u can destroy toxapex whit azumarril but u can be in trouble if u cant setup azu and get burn, lele and charizard y are another bigs threat, Tsareena is soo cool but u...
  7. SM OU 2100+ Double-Z Blitz Balanced

    Thanks! Very fast responding
  8. SM OU 2100+ Double-Z Blitz Balanced

    Interesting team, could you tell me why this ev spread in magearna marowak and tt?
  9. SM OU OLT Cycle 2: All Eyes On Us (Team Based On Chakras & Energy) ~ (Peak 1993, until I tilted...)

    Good job! Im very fan of this team, i build a similar team 2 months ago but i leave that for the same reason that are happening to your team, is very wek to blacephalon and, lele alakazam if hit focust blast, equal to m lopunny and m medicham, How do u counter that? I appreciated ur respond
  10. SM OU RMT please(Mew-Z)

    Hi all, i build a team around z-mew. im not so good building teams so please help to performance that team. Mew @ Mewnium Z Ability: Synchronize Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Psychic - Nasty Plot - Fire Blast - Rock Polish Scizor @ Scizorite...