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  1. The Squash

    The Next Best Thing [Current Subject: Tapu Bulu]

    op stolen from the old thread Approved by cant say The Next Best Thing What is this?: I for one, along with many others I'm sure, feel as though there is some untapped power within the Battle Spot environment. There is substantial evidence for this idea in the form of one commonality for most...
  2. The Squash

    Battle Spot Cloyster and Company (Pre-bank BSS)

    Introduction With Generation 7 in full swing and Pokebank soon approaching, I thought I would share a Pre-bank team I made that I've had some success with on Showdown! I originally wanted to build a team that could take advantage of Tapu Lele's Psychic Terrain, so I selected Cloyster to be...
  3. The Squash

    Salazzle (Singles) (QC 2/3)

    [OVERVIEW] -Salazzle sits at an excellent speed tier, allowing it to outspeed a good deal of the metagame including Mega Lucario, Mega Metagross, and Garchomp. -Has a good special attack stat, but it misses out on several OHKOs without a boost. -Poison / Fire gives it a good offensive typing...