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  1. wickdaggler

    [Standard] Time Traveling Viking Mafia - Won by Vikings

    i was sort of trying to do that too
  2. wickdaggler

    nj art

    I'm loving the color choices there except the green ugghhh cool art style as always
  3. wickdaggler

    10/10 games

    having played it both on an emulator and in real life, I'm gonna have to say it's more "chill" when you aren't playing it "w. ur emulator"
  4. wickdaggler

    [Standard] Time Traveling Viking Mafia - Won by Vikings

    no see but that is my point, it will be accepted as a vote for a dead person, and you can't choose to vote for both them, and tsuk terminate king emerald. immediately. lynch pyromanic etc
  5. wickdaggler

    [Standard] Time Traveling Viking Mafia - Won by Vikings

    protip you can only lynch one person terminate kingofkongs. immediately.
  6. wickdaggler

    10/10 games

    although this isn't necessarily a 10/10 game this is about as close as we're going to get to a "games that you recommend" thread and I honestly don't want to make one Yume Nikki (dream diary) this game has been summed up very nicely by someone so I'm just gonna c/p it here, chop out a couple...
  7. wickdaggler

    vonFiedler's Game Reviews: Duke Nukem Forever

    I feel like it could have been a bit longer, but yeah, solid review
  8. wickdaggler

    Hardest video game level/boss you've ever faced

    megaman & bass burnerman, coldman
  9. wickdaggler

    MLP: FiM

    posting this here instead of the transformice topic because the transformice topic is pretty much dead as it should be that game got horrible fast after user created levels
  10. wickdaggler

    10/10 games

    I played the fuck out of dragon warrior monsters 2 as a kid, it pretty much defined my childhood, I can't believe I lost it I also remember going to my friends house to play crash team racing, which was a great game
  11. wickdaggler

    10/10 games

    oh crap I forgot about BN3, and Dark Cloud 2 both are fantastic games for reasons mentioned above
  12. wickdaggler

    10/10 games

    there's a bunch of games on here that I haven't played, and if there as good as the ones that I have played that were mentioned, I'm defiantly going to go out of my way to play them anyway inorder of how much I loved them: Cave Story the best game I've ever played to date I could go on for...
  13. wickdaggler

    nj art

    your colour choices are a bit jarring but they are certainly unique and add quite a bit to your pieces so uh don't change what you're doing I think that demon looking one is my favourite
  14. wickdaggler

    Google Doodle - Guitar

    try (ri) (ri) (ry) (ry) (rp) i u y p u u (same as above) i u y i p p
  15. wickdaggler

    drugs (we're gonna get hi, hi, hi)

    deal with it until you get your own place sorry man
  16. wickdaggler

    Uncharted 3 trailer, game of the year confirmed

    this honestly seemed more like a movie trailer than anything else not that that's necessarily a bad thing the gameplay on the ship looked really great
  17. wickdaggler

    Newts are for n00bs (MY arabian journal)

    chou you are a master with aquariums and they look freaking beautiful
  18. wickdaggler

    Modern Warfare 3 Thread (and I guess BlOps too? Does anyone still play that game?)

    you kidding? that water looked great plus it's a good break from all the gameplay that they showed that pretty much was the same shit we've seen in the other two modern warfares
  19. wickdaggler

    Modern Warfare 3 Thread (and I guess BlOps too? Does anyone still play that game?)

    you would think that after all these games they would have figured out how to balance everything but nope my friends are totally apeshit for this game series so I hope that it's better than the other ones so I can actually have a half decent time when I'm playing it