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  1. FullLifeGames

    Programming Sprite Converter

    Hey guys, so a long time ago I created a sprite converter which takes a Pokémon Showdown Importable and converts it into a BB Code image output. I thought it might be time for a thread since the URL is changing to: How to use Go to...
  2. FullLifeGames

    Programming Tournament Match Checker

    Hey guys, one of the things which always annoyed me about Smogon was that in which tournaments you were was quite the act to figure out and most of the time you had to manually search for your opponent since he wasn't tagged. So what am I talking about? Today I propose a tool which partly...
  3. FullLifeGames

    Programming Smogon / RMT Team Dump

    Hey guys, I admit it, I'm one of the guys who always went to the forums for teams. The forums provide a great resource for someone like me, if you just want to hop on Showdown and play some fast games! Lately however, I was getting kind of bored, trying to search for teams, as it seemed to be...
  4. FullLifeGames

    Programming Showdown Replay Scouter

    Hey guys, since Eo Ut Mortus and bluri are trying for their personal use to create an application that can scout through every replay of an user and analyse the teams used (by showing items, moves, etc.), I thought why just not release my own application, so everyone can have something from it...
  5. FullLifeGames

    Programming Pokémon Showdown Importable To Legit PKHeX Files Converter (Gen 7 Support)

    Hey guys, today I want to present you my "Pokémon Showdown Importable To Legit PKHeX Files Converter". The whole project originated from my Smogon Set Database, which made all Smogon Sets for every Pokémon for every tier to PKHeX files, where most also were made legit (by having the data of for...