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  1. Ace Emerald

    FWG Core Discussion

    Those following regional results have probably noticed that Fire/Water and Fire/Water/Grass cores are big at the moment. For those who haven't been following the results and discussion, this essentially boils down to: Fire's good resistance to Fairy and offensive match up against Steel, Water's...
  2. Ace Emerald

    Replays for Youtube - Submit great replays here!

    The Youtube channel would like to collect high level replays to narrate! Priority and emphasis is placed on the later rounds of official tournaments, but we'll take a look at any good tournament replays you come across (provided the players consent).
  3. Ace Emerald

    Artwork for our Live Programs

    Hi I know I have a thread up here already asking for submissions, but this one is pretty different from the former so I figured it should have a separate thread. In case you haven't noticed, we've started regular programs for our twitch channel! Our current schedule is Mudkip Mondays...
  4. Ace Emerald

    XY UU Beta Discussion (Read post #32)

    Approved by me also kokoloko and Arcticblast With the XY OU metagame slowly but surely taking shape, we have usage statistics reliable enough to create a XY UU Beta tier. This tier is not official and is not even close to balanced. No suspect tests will be run, and the only changes to the tier...
  5. Ace Emerald

    Streaming Overlays

    The Smogcast crew is looking for overlays to use while streaming to make our streams look attractive and professional. The overlays we've been using get the job done, but they are fairly basic so we're looking for an upgrade. Some requirements: 1280x720 ratio of 4:3 for all camera holes Put...
  6. Ace Emerald

    How to Contribute to Smogon Youtube and Twitch

    The SmogonU Youtube Channel is dedicated to videos covering competitive analysis and discussion of Pokemon. If you'd like to contribute, there are several different methods: Completed Videos Videos that have already been recorded and completed are a way for a single user to make contributions...
  7. Ace Emerald

    XY Smogcast #1

    The first Smogcast of generation 6 is going to broadcast live on Wednesday at 2:30 PM, EST! We'll be reviewing the major mechanic changes, new Pokemon, and updated Pokemon, while also theorizing their impacts on the new metagame. This is shaping up to be a great cast covering a lot of metagame...
  8. Ace Emerald

    UU C&C Needs

    This was approved by kokoloko a while ago As you guys can see from the thinning list of analyses in the UU subforum, UU C&C is almost done with its final revamps! However, there is still work to be done for you UU contributors. UU only has a few dedicated articles. Go here to get an idea...
  9. Ace Emerald

    Mew (QC 4/4) (GP 2/2)

    [Overview] <p>After residing in Uber for the DPP era, Mew finds itself in the odd position of being demoted two tiers to the UU tier. While Mew still has its classic movepool that features every TM and move tutor move in the game, it cannot make up for its bland Psychic typing and decent, but...
  10. Ace Emerald

    Bronzong (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    [Overview] <p>Bronzong's outstanding base 116 Defense and Special Defense stats, combined with its unique typing in the tier which grants it eight resistances and two immunities, make it an impressive tank. Bronzong takes powerful attacks from all-out attackers such as Cincinno, Flygon, and...
  11. Ace Emerald

    Weavile (QC 2/3)

    [Overview] Great late-game Pokemon capable of sweeping large portions of the Underused metagame. Blistering 125 Base speed lets Weavile outspeed a handful of common scarfers and the majority of the unboosted metagame - only Meloetta-P and Crobat are faster. Base 120 Attack lets Weavile tear...
  12. Ace Emerald

    Rotom-F (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    [Overview] <p>The reintroduction of Snow Warning and Abomasnow to UU has given Rotom-F a new life, as it can now reliably use its powerful STAB Blizzard. While its stats aren't off the charts, they aren't bad either. It outspeeds many good Pokemon, such as Heracross, Kingdra, and Nidoking, its...
  13. Ace Emerald

    Milotic (QC 4/4) (GP 2/2)

    [Overview] <p>The UnderUsed tier is filled to the brim with bulky Water-types, and all of them fill some sort of niche the others lack; Blastoise has the valuable Rapid Spin, Slowbro and Slowking boast Fighting-type resistances and nearly endless recovery with Regenerator, Suicune has more...
  14. Ace Emerald

    Walrein (QC 3/3) [GP 4/4]

    [Overview] <p>Walrein's niche in UU stems from its decent bulk and access to great passive recovery in hail via Ice Body. With support from Snow Warning, Walrein restores 1/8 of its health every turn and can use Protect to gain back 1/4 of its health before the opposing Pokemon can even land a...
  15. Ace Emerald

    Interest in a regular Other Metagames tournament

    Intro Stars of the Mimic Glitch Metagame Other Metagames are fun and interesting distractions. They can have different rules, different Pokemon available, and are enjoyable to play as a break from the normal metagames. However, all splinter metagames eventually suffer the same fate: lack...