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  1. Vin Flint

    Monotype Anti-Fairy Monofighting (1600+ elo)

    I got some more heat to showcase today, you're gonna love it. Mono-Fighting Anti-Fairy Meme Team Background I was scouting for my opponent for the Monotype Ladder Tournament and saw that in the last few games, he had played primarily Mono-Fairy and Water. Looking through my existing teams, I...
  2. Vin Flint

    Monotype Crawdaunt Double Rain Mono-Water (1700+ peak)

    Crawdaunt Double Rain Mono-Water Two weeks have passed since I last posted a team, so it's time for another heat post. I don't usually watch Pokemon content on sites like Youtube, but I occasionally come across a video that Google recommends to me because it knows that I play on Pokemon...
  3. Vin Flint

    Monotype "Triple Degenerator" Whiscash Mono-Water Stall (Peak #7 Ladder, 1766)

    Triple Degenerator Stall First and foremost, to anyone who had the misfortune of running into this on ladder, I apologize. I know that stall isn't a fun archetype to play against. But hey, maybe you can pick this team up and try it yourself. You need like half a brain cell to play it, and it...