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  1. togaquest

    Gen 4 Reflections on the current state of DPP OU

    Just here to revisit this thread and offer my own two cents: I don't think Tyranitar is broken in DPP OU. Nor do I think that a Breloom/Tyranitar core is too powerful to be deemed uncompetitive. Tyranitar has numerous concrete counters; it also is very easy to revenge kill thanks to its low...
  2. togaquest

    Gen 4 DPP Latias Test

    I don't want to go too off topic, but Mew has numerous counters and checks in OU. Tyranitar, Scizor, Blissey (though physical/mixed may be dangerous), faster mons come to mind. And in my opinion, Jirachi is a more broken "sprite pokemon." Jirachi has an amazing secondary typing in Steel which...
  3. togaquest

    Gen 4 DPP Latias Test

    It's definitely nice to shake things up after so many years. I haven't really had the chance to build any teams and test anything out due to a hectic school schedule. However, though this is somewhat unrelated to Latias, can someone explain to me why Mew is banned? I know Mew is an incredibly...
  4. togaquest

    What musical instruments are you interested in playing?

    I've been playing piano for a year and a half and am enjoying it. Playing harp would be a dream too.
  5. togaquest

    Ask A Simple Question, Get A Simple Answer - PS! Edition (please read before posting a thread)

    Sorry I haven't had the time to read through this whole thread so I don't know if a question like the one I have now has been answered so I apologize in advance, but anyway: If I wanted to do something like bring down Mew from Ubers into Gen 4 OU and play on a private server/room/whatever it is...
  6. togaquest

    Serious LGBTQ+

    I don't tell many people unfortunately about my moms, but I've definitely met resistance from people who have known. Now that I'm an adult however I feel like I may be more open to talking about it. Adults are (generally) more mature and less judgemental about differences than kids are. Other...
  7. togaquest

    Genuine Authentic Happiness: Possible?

    Going into the AC on a very hot day Playing a new video game and getting sucked into it for hours Having a genuine connection with a good friend Kissing Doing something great in a sport/music/hobby after practicing it for hours just for that moment, and then having it lock into your muscle...
  8. togaquest

    drugs thread

    I did LSD a few times while in NYC. Probably the most interesting effect that I remember was that whenever I would look into a mirror, it seemed as if I could see the veins and nerve networks under my skin. It was a little unnerving but definitely interesting at the same time. I looked like an...
  9. togaquest

    Serious LGBTQ+

    No, I am made from artificial insemination. One of my mothers is my real biological one, but I love both equally as if they are both my biological parents. My father is an anonymous sperm donor who I've never met or even know his name.
  10. togaquest

    Serious LGBTQ+

    I have lesbian mothers. I don't talk about it too much publicly unless you really know me. However on Smogon I am open to people asking me questions about being raised in a gay family. Feel free to sate your curiosity, if you have any. Also I am a male.
  11. togaquest

    Paleontology Chat.

    I have a predatory dinosaur tooth, mammoth bone fragments, fish fossilized into rocks among a few other things. I got these when I was young from a man who was selling them at a stand. They seem to be real dinosaur fossils and having them gives me pleasure as I've always been fascinated with...
  12. togaquest

    Hey man!

    Hey man!
  13. togaquest

    DPP Cup IV - Signups

    In !