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  1. OverUnderUsed

    UU - Learning Low Ladder

    Yeah, I know that when people start they have no clue what they are doing, so analyzing that would be pointless. Low ladder is made up of two groups. The first group is new players that have no competitive experience and use mindless moves such as tail whip. The second group is players with low...
  2. OverUnderUsed

    UU - Learning Low Ladder

    Its more like if someone uses a Pokemon such as Garbodor or other Pokemon that don't get usage in UU, it would be discussed to try to understand why they used it, and if it could be used properly in the tier. Don't use that, use this, would only be used if there is a Pokemon that outclasses it...
  3. OverUnderUsed

    UU - Learning Low Ladder

    Here is where we observe the Under Used ladder's low ladder plays, teams, and replays to try to truly understand the thought process behind low ladder. As this may seem impossible due to the "innovation" that low ladder players love to use, attempting to understand the thought process behind...
  4. OverUnderUsed

    ORAS UnderUsed Ladder Tournament

  5. OverUnderUsed

    Underused Showdown Tournament: January - Tour #6 Won by trevor ellis

    In Name: UUST OverUnderUsed