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  1. Resource National Dex UU Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Is Mega Latios viable? Was looking at the VR and I never saw it there.
  2. Resource SS OU DLC2 Viability Ranking Thread [SEE: Page 105, Post 2618]

    Thanks for the reply. Just another question, if the council feels Gengar isn't worth a team slot, why is it still ranked? Apologies if this question goes out of bounds.
  3. Resource SS OU DLC2 Viability Ranking Thread [SEE: Page 105, Post 2618]

    Were there any votes on rising Gengar to B-? I remember reading a nom about it on prior pages, but was curious about how voting went. Also, how do you feel about it's place in the meta?
  4. Metagame SS Monotype Metagame Discussion [Crown Tundra]

    Quick question, if Bright Powder and Lax Incense are banned, why are Sand Veil and Snow Cloak legal?
  5.  np: SS UU Stage 9 - Call Me By Your Name

    Nidoking isn't walled by Buzzwole at all. Even if you ran a specially defensive Buzzwole, Sludge Wave is a 2HKO 252 SpA Life Orb Sheer Force Nidoking Sludge Wave vs. 252 HP / 144+ SpD Buzzwole: 239-282 (57.1 - 67.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery You also...
  6. Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v7 (Usage Stats in post #3539)

    One thing I feel people are over looking with Blaziken is the move Baton Pass. In each gen it was banned, Baton Pass was legal at the time and Blaziken was a very good user of the move. I definitely feel that it's ability to pass speed easily to teammates was a factor in the previous bans. Aside...
  7. Thank you!

    Thank you!
  8.  np: SS UU Stage 5: Change is Gonna Come (Diggersby & Venusaur BANNED)

    Yeah, I agree with unbanning everything. The power level of the tier just went up, so examining all the banned mons is something that should be done.
  9. Metagame np: PU Stage 2 - Let's Go Crazy (Crown Tundra is out)

    I think PU should move back to beta like UU is considering. I'd probably unban most if not all of the mons and run council votes until the tier is stable before moving to suspect test.
  10. Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v5 (usage in post #547)

    How do you guys feel about Scolipede? I think it's a decent set up sweeper and spiker. I've been using this set with Magnezone support to break Corvikight and Skarmory Scolipede @ Life Orb Adamant Nature Ability: Speed Boost EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe - Swords Dance - Megahorn - Poison Jab...
  11. Pokémon Scizor

    I'd definitely call Psycho Cut a notable move, as it allows you to break Pex, who use to be a hard counter to (Mega) Scizor. +2 252+ Atk Life Orb Scizor Psycho Cut vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Toxapex: 234-276 (76.9 - 90.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Black Sludge recovery
  12. Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v5 (usage in post #547)

    Just a small correction, both Lycanroc-Dusk and Lycanroc get Accelerock. Lycanrock-Dusk is better than Lycanrock due to Tough Claws, which allows Life Orb Psychic Fangs to 2HKO Pex. 252 Atk Life Orb Tough Claws Lycanroc-Dusk Psychic Fangs vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Toxapex: 159-187 (52.3 - 61.5%) --...
  13. SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    Cloyster is an Ice type and gets Skill Link.
  14. Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v4 (check out posts #483 and 484 for DLC1 info!)

    You've made some bad post about Inteleon (acting like Torrent is better than Sniper is laughable), but this one is actually hurts your argument (Mud Bomb isn't even selectable in Gen 8). You even claimed that Specs is stronger, but that's not true either. 252 SpA Choice Specs Inteleon Hydro...
  15.  np: SS UU Stage 4: Heads Will Roll (Haxorus banned; Drizzle banned too, see post #57)

    I've been trying out this set and I've been having some fun with it: Inteleon @ Scope Lens Ability: Sniper EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Hydro Pump/Surf - Air Slash/Ice Beam - Dark Pulse - Focus Energy Thanks to Scope Lens and Sniper, Inteleon becomes a...
  16. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer: Monotype Edition

    What's the best type in the current meta? Is any type seen as unviable?
  17. Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    I'm assuming that Play Rough is for Zeraora to kill Kommo-o. Other than that, I think Knock Off is generally a better option
  18. On The Radar Vol. 2 [See Post #336]

    Personally, I wouldn't even waste time on a suspect test. Just quick ban Arena Trap.
  19. On The Radar Vol. 2 [See Post #336]

    Your calcs did not account for the fact that Showdown's Damage Calculator does not include the damage boost from Gorilla Tactics. Here are more accurate calcs: Scarf: +1 252 Atk Darmanitan-Galar Icicle Crash vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Centiskorch: 103-122 (25.4 - 30.1%) -- guaranteed 4HKO +1 252...
  20. On The Radar Vol. 2 [See Post #336]

    If the majority of the community feels that a threat is ban worthy, then a Quick Ban should take place. I feel that it's a waste of time to have a Suspect Test when most people who get reqs will vote ban anyway. A Suspect Test should only be done when there are valid arguments on both sides to...