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    Metagame LGPE OverUsed

    Is there any place for Mega Kanga in this meta? She's obviously not broken without parental bond, but I feel like she could have a place as a lower viability ranking. Especially if she's at least as good as Tauros. STAB Facade sounds like fun with all the status effects flying around, so I'll...
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    Hit me with lightning!

    Hit me with lightning!
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    Serious LGBTQ

    Happy gay day, everyone! One step at a time. :D Watch out though, I got roped into an argument with a friend's great grandma on facebook this morning... lol
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    Wouldn't Memento be a good move to mention? It's a cool move to have when Latios is no longer needed, and/or is at -2 against something ready to set-up on it. This can pave the way for your own set-up, or can stop the opponent from doing the same.
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    Other Pokemon of the Week [Starmie]

    Is a mixed attacking Sash lead viable, at all? It can surprise some of its common checks like Ferrothorn, Gliscor, Landorus, Scizor, and possibly more that I can't think of atm. Something like... Tyranitar @ Focus Sash Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 28 Atk / 228 SpA / 252 Spe Hasty Nature - Stealth...
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    Pokémon Clefable (Revamp)

    Do Life Orb sets still want to run a defensive spread to take the same spectrum of attacks, or is a Modest / Timid nature more preferable? I've never used LO Clef before, and I'm interested in the idea. especially since I have my MM shiny Clefable in-game
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    Other ORAS OU Viability Ranking Thread V2 - Check Post #2500 PG. 100

    I'm sorry to bother you with this, but will Mega Gardevoir ever move up to A+? My post ( got a decent amount of support, and even though not a lot of discussion happened, it...
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    OU Scizor

    Small nitpick I noticed on the offensive SD set~ ability: Light Metal / Life Orb item: Scizorite
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    OU Aggron

    I feel I should mention this about Avalanche... Right now, it's written as if it gets boosted because M-Aggron is slower than its targets, but that's not actually the case. Avalanche is a decreased priority move, and only gets boosted damage if the user takes damage themselves. I'm not sure if...
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    Other ORAS OU Viability Ranking Thread V2 - Check Post #2500 PG. 100

    I'd like to bring up Mega Gardevoir moving up to A+ rank. Outside of things such as Jirachi or SDef Talonflame, many stall teams struggle to deal with Mega Gardevoir's insane special attacking prowess, and her 4th move (Taunt being optimal vs. stall) makes stall dread her even more. Also...
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    OU Emboar

    In my experience, I don't think Life Orb + recoil moves wear down Emboar "slowly" -- I find that they drain its health fairly quickly when accounting for other factors potentially going on (attacks, hazards, etc).
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    I knowww, she's absolutely stunning! Have you heard any of her new songs? I really like them so...

    I knowww, she's absolutely stunning! Have you heard any of her new songs? I really like them so far. :D
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    Pokémon Lopunny

    This sounds like such a fun gimmick, I'll have to try it! Those calcs look promising. However, the low PP (8) of Last Resort might make it hard to spam. :(
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    OU Altaria

    It made sense in your first post to me, since I didn't even think about Rain or Sand. Also, I'm glad to have prompted your 1k post! lol (I'll still use Natural Cure ingame since I'm too lazy to breed)
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    OU Altaria

    Just an observation, but why exactly is Cloud Nine preferred for the Special Attacking set? Granted, it lets Altaria serve as a neat switch-in to Charizard-Y (halting its wallbreaking), but what is it going to do in return? Zard-Y resists Fairy, Fire, Ground, and can heal off any damage Altaria...
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    Serperior [QC 2/3]

    Could Dugtrio be mentioned as a partner for the first set? You pack HP Fire to deal with Ferrothorn anyways, so even though Magnezone is a better overall pokemon, some teams might prefer Dugtrio for its ability to consistently trap + KO Heatran (revenge kill, slow U-Turn from Scizor, etc). :)
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    Serperior [QC 2/3]

    Sorry to nitpick, but if you're running a 29 HP IV, then the leftover 4 EVs should go into a defense instead. :)
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    Serious LGBTQ

    Sorry to bring this back, but I have a nice little update. Just two hours ago, I came out to my sister! :) We were driving home together from my grandpa's house, and since we were talking about religion, I subtly steered the conversation topic to gay rights. Now, I've always known she was 100%...
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    Thank you! :D I didn't think I'd get any birthday wishes on here. lol

    Thank you! :D I didn't think I'd get any birthday wishes on here. lol