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  1. CAP 33 - Art Poll 1

    StephXPM Kiwi Quanyails Sgt.Moose Gravity Monkey Pinesmoke
  2. CAP 32 - Art Poll 2

    StephXPM Sunfished Quanyails BaffleTome Yokaiju
  3. The RU Open XII - Signups

  4. CAP 32 - Part 9 - Stat Spread Poll 1

    kenn dex Wulfanator viol and bass Brambane
  5. CAP 32 - Part 5 - Primary Ability Poll

    Pixilate Prankster Parental Bond Adaptability
  6. CAP 32 - Part 5 - Primary Ability Discussion

    The niche of setting up weather. Would Pelipper be in OU if it did not have Drizzle? Would rain-abusing mons have playtime in OU if Pelipper didn't have Drizzle? Being the sole mon to be able to set a weather type is obviously filling a niche. You can argue whether that fits the concept for...
  7. CAP 32 - Part 5 - Primary Ability Discussion

    I agree with much of Brambane's post, specifically his grouping of abilities into (i) Immunities, (ii) Speed and (iii) Weird Niches. As obviously good as Regenerator is, I personally don't find it very interesting so will leave it to others to address that. I think going with an ability that...
  8. CAP 32 - Part 3 - Role Poll

    Offensive Pivot