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  1. DPP DPP OU Winter Seasonal #6 - Round 2

    I have to change rooms because of the bad connection. gg thanks for making me play at this hour, you are lovely. I was able to win, but in the second I played poorly because apparently I live in Venezuela. very good preparation.:boatogostandode:
  2. Gen 4 Swords Dance Lucario with Spikes Stack

    Hi, In any case, it would be Icy Wind > BB, so you maintain Taunt. The problem with Aero is that at -1 forces the speed tie. You have to keep in mind that behind Aero / Azelf there may be Magnezone. Well, I think this doesn't hurt, so I'll leave it here. With 248 HP and 76 SpD you can handle...
  3. DPP DPP OU Winter Seasonal #6 - Signups

    In. (Idk I deleted my other post).
  4. Resource DPP Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    It is not very common like its other versions, but that does not mean that it is not effective, especially as a lead. You can surprise things like Azelf or Starmie, who with 216 speed surpass him. That as an option, the normal thing is 244 (373) to overcome or surprise Weavile or Alakazam...
  5. Hidden Avatars on Pokémon Showdown! [new avatars @ #284]

    ¡OMG! ¡Yaaay! Thanks. Miku-ground is fire.
  6. Gen 4 Scarf infernape original team

    Hey, It's funny that Infernape is your favorite, a mon that I've barely used in all this time (rofl). Well, joking aside... I like that set. I think this is the first time I've seen scarf. In addition to being original, it is well thought out, thus eliminating threats like Gyarados or Gengar...
  7. Tournaments SPL XV DPP Discussion

    For my part, I will not do PR, since I do not know the level of some, but I am aware that they are all very good. As always, there is level and new faces, like Dridri547. I think he will do well. I imagine that he will be motivated and eager to demonstrate. I don't know if he is here to win that...
  8. Resource DPP Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    I'm seeing an increase in Machamp/Breloom lately. Because? Something special?
  9. Gen 4 Specs Starmie Red Offence

    I know it's hard for you to mention team defects or things that cause problems, but it would be easier when it comes to helping. I can only say that I see Starmie better with RSpin, so maybe the team doesn't fall apart at times.
  10. OU DPP OU Teambuilding Competition

    Lele3. My reason is simple... even though it seems weak to things like loom, I like Donphan + BSlam rachi, Twave Slowbro & Magneton Scarf to support CB ttar.
  11. Resource DPP Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    No, it's not a mistake. If you are protected in sub, Acupressure will fail.
  12. Gen 5 BW OU team advice

    The team really doesn't look that bad, but with a few small changes it can improve. I don't have much knowledge about BW, but here I am, trying to help. To begin with, Quagsire is curious that he is there. I don't know if he's any good since I've never seen him. Anyway, there is Seismitoad...
  13. Gen 6 XY team

    It would be nice if you put the format and thus make it easier to help. By the way, in case it is 'OU', I would make BD Azu with 164 EV's in speed for Skarmory, for example. There are even crazier options, like Jolly + Double Edge with 188 (HP Fire) or 192 speed for Mega-Venusaur.
  14. OU DPP OU Teambuilding Competition

    CB nite & Mirror Coat Gastrodon. CB nite + Mirror Coat Gastrodon Although it may seem crazy, I had never tried nite in its CB version before. He always used it DD or mixed. Well, this is not a mystery, but... Magnezone always has to be behind. At first it was Scarf, but the team had better...
  15. OU DPP OU Teambuilding Competition

    I miss u.:worrycargo:
  16. Is Forretress a Basketball or a Golf Ball?

  17. Announcement DPP OU Secret Santa 2023 Ty to the person who built this team. It looks better than I expected. It's not easy to do something decent with Celebi.