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  1. Subsonic72

    National Dex Nat Dex Ubers-> You cant bring counters to all of them This is a team I threw together to get started in the tier because it has a really high power level and I enjoy that. I ended up getting to 12 on the ladder with it and beating the no.4 guy. While the team is not explicitly hyper offense, a idea behind it is...
  2. Subsonic72

    Resource National Dex Ubers Viability Rankings [Update #4 at post 139!]

    Why heatran in C? I cant really think of any top threat It can check. Perhaps offensive is decent with sun eruption but that does nothing against pogre? Also Id argue ekiller in S- since that mon in practice wins way too many games on its own. With refresh on the set the only viable couterplay...
  3. Subsonic72

    Apprentice Program Signups: SS Ubers

    Username: Subsonic72 PS! Username: Subsonic72 Your timezone: cet Usual Hours of Availability: 17-19 most days and later/earlier if i get time to plan ahead Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I am a low ladder player and i started playing around 3...