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  1. Fire Eyes

    Resource USM Ubers Viability Ranking Thread

    Serious nomination here: Wobbuffett - Unranked ----> C- or even C/C+ I did a RMT post recently showcasing that Wobba still has a small, but viable niche in Ubers. It's main competition is Mega Gengar and Goth as a shadow-tagger, but it still has some positive traits over those 2. We all...
  2. Fire Eyes

    SM Ubers The Return of Wobbuffet

    Thanks both for the suggestions. I'll try using rock tomb Drill over Toxic, for speed control. I have used LO Yveltal, but I find it too slow for this team, and having Scarf + U-turn can get Wobba in safely. I might try it again, as I have lost a few games recently to webs , wishing I had Taunt...
  3. Fire Eyes

    SM Ubers The Return of Wobbuffet

    Hi everyone. I'm making my first RMT post, and I wanted to build a HO team based around the OG of shadow-tagging, Wobbuffet. It still has a niche over Goth and Mega Gengar as a shadow-tagger that doesnt take the mega slot and can give Encore/CounterCoat support for set-up sweepers. HO is my...
  4. Fire Eyes

    Multi Gen Ubers Teambuilding Workshop

    I've been lurking the Smogon forums for a while, and wanted to make my first post here. I was interested in building a team around normal Groudon, since I wanted to try something different. Groudon @ Leftovers Ability: Drought EVs: 248 HP / 248 Def / 12 Spe Impish Nature - Stealth Rock -...