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  1. Whats your Valentines day going to be like?

    Might go shopping over the border in Buffalo. Depends on the weather. =D
  2. Super Bowl Commercials

    I liked some of the funny Doritos commercials and also the Budweiser voice modulating one. Others mentioned the same thing. I'm no expert on commercials but Firestorm, I watched the video without voice first, and I understood completely what was going on without hearing the speech. I have no...
  3. What is your current job?

    I work as a Bank Teller, let me tell you the fun in letting people know you have to hold their funds. They love it!
  4. Apprentice Program - "Round Fourty Six" - Zone C (6 AM - 2 PM EST)

    Age: 28 Shoddy Username: Alynna Your timezone: EST What tier do you want to learn?: OU Tell us a little about yourself: I am familiar with Pokemon and have played since RBY days. I have next to no competitive battling experience and would like to learn how to create an effective team. I have...