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  1. Need Help

    Is there a help thread anywhere having difficulty finding one and also how can i get notified if someone posts on my thread sorry if this is in the wrong place thanks for your time
  2. Apprentice Program - "Round Fourty Six" - Zone C (6 AM - 2 PM EST)

    Username: LouieBH Age: 17 Shoddy Username: louiebh Your timezone: GMT 0 (England) What tier do you want to learn?: OU Tell us a little about yourself:Im from london Uk been playing pokemon since blue but looking to take my skill to a new level and start properly competitively and maybe go to vgc...
  3. Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

    mine has to be catching a shiny zubat outside of the cave you catch lapras in good times silver version good times
  4. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer — Mk II

    Tutor program ive been lookin to sign up for the smogon tutorin program where can u sign up