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  1. haha ok, sorry I haven't been around lately. Had exams and all that. I should be around a bit...

    haha ok, sorry I haven't been around lately. Had exams and all that. I should be around a bit more now though :p
  2. 2Drag2Mag and a couple friends

    While not a bad idea to put in Latias, it is very common to see Scarfed Terrakions running X-scizzor and Scarfed Landorus running U-Turn, which can easily deal with either Latias or Latios. Even with the defensive variant there is a good chance that Terrakion will be able to 2HKO and after a...
  3. I'mNewAndSuckBad

    Hey there, As far as someone who is only two weeks into competitive battling this team isn't to bad at all. I'll answer a few of those questions for you. 1. Sleep powder sleep is guaranteed at least one turn of sleep and can have up to a maximum of 3 turns (I think?), could be wrong there...
  4. Nexus - Standard BW Team

    Updated with changes :)
  5. Nexus - Standard BW Team

    Hey, Last night I made some changes to the team which I have no yet been able to update in the RMT. Mainly I have replaced Jelly with a bulky Vaporeon, aren't they all?, and I have changed Celebi back to a NP set. I have also added HP ground to Volcarona to aid in dealing with Heatran. I...
  6. Nexus - Standard BW Team

    I've been thinking about switching Jelly out for a Vaporeon, which would allow me to change up some other Pokes movesets to give me a bit more offensive momentum. Mainly Celebi and Rachi. Any thoughts?
  7. Nexus - Standard BW Team

    Introduction Hi guys, for a while now I've been trying to build a relatively solid team that is able to easily cope with the majority of the standard metagame, and I believe I have found just that. The team itself has undergone a few changes since it was originally created, and I'm sure it will...
  8. yeah haha :p You around at the moment?

    yeah haha :p You around at the moment?
  9. LMAO, good punch sir and glad to see you're staying :p Code is 5157 5488 5299

    LMAO, good punch sir and glad to see you're staying :p Code is 5157 5488 5299
  10. Hey man, where have you been lately? :o

    Hey man, where have you been lately? :o
  11. Powered by Solar Power

    Hey there, just some things I've noticed. You've said you're a bit disappointed with Latias, I think that may have something to do with the moveset. While I realise that wish is quite important in helping Charizard's survivability, I would recommend running a standardish CM Latias set, so...
  12. The Slow has Become the Fast

    Might want to deal with Dragonites 252/252/252 evs :p
  13. Its raining cats and... Pixies? Offfensive Rain!

    Yeah you are slightly mistaken, they are legal on the same set :p First thing your EV's on Politoed add up to 520, which is over the 510 cap, so you might want to fix that. And also on Toed changing Rest for Perish song/HP grass might not be such a bad idea. With Lucario running Ice punch can...
  14. Balanced Nonweather Team (I <3 Mew)

    These days you don't generally see to many Starmies running psychic. But something you could do to counter Starmie in general, would be to put sucker punch over psychic on Mew. It seems as though your Mew is more or less a support set anyway so losing the stab move shouldn't hurt to much, and...
  15. BW OU Reflections - A team by Stone_Cold (peaked #1)

    Toed can easily take out Aero with ice beam, and a sash really wouldn't be a problem, Starmie could also. Gyrados wouldn't stand a chance against Jolteon. So I assume thats probably how
  16. I hate coming up with team names

    What sort of Haxorus, choice'd ones or Lum berry/DD? The best bet would be to try and predict when Hax is going to come in, and if possible T-wave it right away. To counter ones using a Lum maybe change Heatran to an air balloon and then try maybe giving it WoW. Doing something like that may...
  17. Hey man

    Hey man
  18. I hate coming up with team names

    No worries, also just read that little bit about toxic on Bro. The move that will probably be doing the least is psychic. So if you really wanted to put toxic on there thats what I'd recommend removing. Although personally I would recommend running Thunder Wave over toxic as slowing some things...
  19. I hate coming up with team names

    Hey, looks like a fairly solid team you have there. In regards to Heatran using Lava Plume over flamethrower, for 15 less BP you get an extra 20% chance to burn. On a specially defensive Heatran this can be particularly useful as by burning a physical attacker on a switch in or something similar...
  20. K i can chat now

    K i can chat now