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  1. PyProd

    Dec 7 - 21: 5* Raids for Dialga & Palkia

    I think it actually lasts until the next time the Pokémon with Helping Hand chooses a move, right? So I still have to time it to when people don't need a heal, but that's a lot easier and I often find myself in situations where Helping Hand is optimal to click rather than a round of Healing, so...
  2. PyProd

    Dec 7 - 21: 5* Raids for Dialga & Palkia

    Support Blissey has been perfect for those online raids in my experience. I could even prevent weird picks from getting koed! You mainly just take advantage of your very high special bulk (uninvested in SpD I did not forget lol) to focus on healing your mates! I Light Screen on turn one, then...
  3. PyProd

    Battle Stadium THE BEAST I WORSHIP - BSS Regulation E

    Hi, thanks for this rmt! I've been taking this team for a spin on ladder and having a blast being an annoyance with Gliscor, but I can't seem to be able to handle Sneasler and Roaring Moon. How would you do this?
  4. PyProd

    7-Star Raid Event: Normal Type Eevee (+ Eevee Outbreak Spawns)

    Woah some of these online people just like to spam Close Combat and feed like goddamn monkeys, it's insufferable. Like how do you lose to an EEVEE?! Anyways, here's what I had success with: Speaking of monkeys... My first clear was with monke over here. Its Ghost side-typing and Defiant only...
  5. PyProd


    For now, it is maiseptember.
  6. PyProd

    Mewtwo Raid (September 1-17) + Lead Up Events (Aug 9, Aug 18)

    I just took an opportunity to catch a Beast Ball Legendary haha
  7. PyProd

    Mewtwo Raid (September 1-17) + Lead Up Events (Aug 9, Aug 18)

    Friends and I tested another strat to great success! It uses Clear Smog Armarouge and Helping Hand Mew, here's the breakdown! This strat came to be when one of my friends brought up Clear Smog Armarouge as an alternative way to debuff Mewtwo. However, this attack resets Special Attack drops so...
  8. PyProd

    Mewtwo Raid (September 1-17) + Lead Up Events (Aug 9, Aug 18)

    I cleared the Mewtwo raid online as a support Mew. Here is what the team composition roughly looked like: 2x That's the damage dealers of the team, they just spam Struggle Bug the first three turns then SD thrice and Tera Bug Leech Life to oblivion. Tera Blast I mainly put there to help with...
  9. PyProd

    July 7* Tera Raid Event Part 2: Rillaboom (Normal Tera)

    After getting my ass kicked several times playing Support Iron Moth with Lunge, Screech and a Grassy Seed due to sucky teammates (see: people bringing Koraidon to Growth stuff and Iron Hands that kept getting KOed), I put it upon myself to be the main source of damage for the first time. I used...
  10. PyProd

    May 7* Raid Event: Tera Rock Chesnaught

    Yeah, I legitimately smiled when I realized I was matched with you. What were the chances? Also saved a pic. And yes, Shields clear statuses but not stat drops! For that, the boss has to clear them itself, and Chesnaught just doesn't. After our raid I stumbled upon a comp with an Amoonguss...
  11. PyProd

    May 7* Raid Event: Tera Rock Chesnaught

    Following Worldie's advice, I have replaced Taunt with Helping Hand and the set has worked even better! You can set two to three Charms up as the other players boost up or attack with unboosted moves before the Shield goes up! I often can use three but if only two Charms could be used I can...
  12. PyProd

    May 7* Raid Event: Tera Rock Chesnaught

    That's good to know, thank you very much!
  13. PyProd

    May 7* Raid Event: Tera Rock Chesnaught

    Oh, are Chesnaught's boosting moves all scripted? I thought it could use one on any turn. Thanks for the heads up! Might as well scrap Taunt from the set entirely then.
  14. PyProd

    May 7* Raid Event: Tera Rock Chesnaught

    I beat Chesnaught online with a Support Gardevoir set. The idea was that randoms would go for their Iron Hands stuff once again so I needed a Pokémon that was: - Able to mitigate Belly Drum recoil somewhat - Able to lower damage received - Able to prevent Chesnaught from boosting too much While...
  15. PyProd

    April 7* Raid Part 3: Inteleon (Ice Tera)

    Thank you for the advice! It's true that it has happened a bit but on the other hand Heal Pulse negates Belly Drum recoil for the Iron Hands that I keep seeing. You options both seem very interesting though, so I may just try and experiment with them!
  16. PyProd

    April 7* Raid Part 3: Inteleon (Ice Tera)

    My first completed try on this raid used a support Light Screen Umbreon, but man Blissey is that but better for this raid. You're unkillable, you make the others unkillable, and Healer might thaw allies if Blizzard freezes (of it works like that in raids?). I normally use Helping Hand on the...
  17. PyProd

    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 51 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Hello! I am looking for a Destiny Knot in Pokémon BDSP. I can offer HA Pokémon in rareballs or rareballs in any of the three switch games in exchange. I also have Bottle Caps in SWSH and SV, and even some Gold Bottle Caps in SWSH! Please hit me up below if you're interested and would like some...
  18. PyProd

    April 7* Raid Part 2: Typhlosion (Ghost Tera)

    I think I will once again whip out my support Goodra (Life Dew + Acid Spray + fillers) for this raid! Typhlosion can't realistically touch this stuff hard and it even has Rain Dance support if Typhlosion indeed turns out to use Sunny Day. I will also keep Chilling Water if it turns out to be...
  19. PyProd

    April 7* Raid: Samurott (Tera Bug)

    Cleared it 1st try online with a support Azumarill. After a Charm, and thanks to a Miraidon's Taunt support preventing Swords Dance, Samurott did not do anything to us. I Fake Teared to debuff (did not actually have Tickle then but I found it to be the best 4th moveslot because I rolled a...
  20. PyProd

    Your weird and wacky dreams

    I just had another dream starring, yours truly, Ranma 1/2. Context. Ranma 1/2 is a series of action and romantic comedy mangas (and anime) by Rumiko Takahashi where we follow the adventures of Ranma, a martial artist who fell into a cursed pond which makes him transform into a girl when he...