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    Well, no, I'm too poor to have more that one compooter. Also, I have CCleaner, and I thought that adding the website to the list of saved cookies would help, no luck so far.
  2. drugs (we're gonna get hi, hi, hi)

    Successful troll was successful. Anywho, when it comes to drugs/alcohol I haven't had much experience. But I can verify one thing. It goes a little like this *clears throat*: "Beer before liquor, You'll never be sicker, Liquor before beer, You're in the clear." I was at a New Year's party...
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    Is there any possible way to turn the tutorial off in the dream world? It's fucking annoying. Every single time I play it pops up for every single screen I go to, and I've been playing it for about a month. I'm very close to just giving up on it.
  4. calling all (BAN ME PLEASE)s

    I was lured here by promise of (BAN ME PLEASE)ry. :-(
  5. Weather Wars- Hope You Brought an Umbrella!

    That match seemed like a white knuckle ride, probably because I have unnecessary anxiety problems, but whatever. I really didn't expect you to win. The way I think about it, since Draco Misseor has 90% accuracy, somewhere in the world an attack with 10% accuracy hit at that moment. Also...
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    No, it doesn't. Not necessarily. I understand that max IV's make stats higher, but I was wondering how much those extra 31 points matter. I am fairly new to the meta game, and I was looking for someone's opinion on the subject.
  7. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Are IVs as important as EVs? Inquiring minds would like to know. I'm trying to train a big bad mf'ing Hydreigon, so I've maxed its EVs in Special Attack and Speed, made sure it has a Modest Nature, and I bred it Dark Pulse (also, when it was an egg I read it Oedipus</bad joke>). It's a Zweilos...
  8. My Childhood Is Stolen (Pokemon)

    I do have hearts. I have a deck that has a whole 12 of 'em. Someone stole the queen though. Oh my, I should make a thread about how someone stole the queen of hearts. owait...

    I used a picture of me in drag. Oh my, if I do drag in 20 years I'll look like . . . oh I can't remember his name but he's that hispanic comedian. It'll come to me.
  10. caption this image

    I'm sure that if there were a Pultizer prize for epic posts, you'd have one.
  11. caption this image

    "It's good to finally sit back and relax, I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off all day." Ba-dum tschhh?
  12. What would you do with a time machine?

    I would try to change things about my life, but then wouldn't I enter a paradox where by changing my life I have no purpose for going back in the past and therefore I never go back, but since I didn't go back it wouldn't have changed etc. Anywho, if I could go back in time without those...
  13. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Personally I would stick with being Pursued. It only doubles to the base power of Crunch if I were to switch, so staying and getting hit by something that has half the power of Crunch seems better. But I'm fairly new to "competitive play" so what the fuck do I know?
  14. Casey Anthony found Not Guilty.

    The Casey Anthony trial has been called OJ 2.0. I suppose it's because of all the media hype and how everyone "knows" that she did it, just like how everyone was outraged when OJ got off. OJ recently tried to rob a casino and was sent to prison for it, that's the explanation of the latter half...
  15. revamping shariah law

    Thank you, I'll be here all week. Also, take my mother-in-law, please! Buddhism (n.) 1. A religion based on young flowers. 2. A quirky thing a young flower might say Irrelevant (adj.) 1. Pertaining to the ears 2. Pertaining to the spanish verb for "to go"
  16. Casey Anthony found Not Guilty.

    A lot of people have compared her case to OJ 2.0. Perhaps she too will attempt to rob a casino and be sent to prison for that. Oh well, je peux rêver. I don't see how she could be considered a MILF unless she has other children. The M has dropped off and bounced away.
  17. Three is the magic number

    I like to nickname Pokemon. You can be creative, and it can have absolutely nothing to do with anything. Well, I'll give it a shot. I do, however, suck at life and things and stuff, so this is going to be bad. Moltres: haVok The band name AFI stands for A Fire Inside, which is a reference to...
  18. revamping shariah law

    I herd u liek Jamaican jokes. Cinnamon (n.) - A bad, bad person; someone who goes against the will of God San Diego (n.) - What you get when you try to eat your waffle at the beach Artery (n.) - The study of, or the creation of, art Beer (n.) - One who is
  19. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    I personally wouldn't bother. Yeah, super fang can seem like a decent move, knocking your foe down to 1/2 health on the first turn, but if you're looking for quick kills you're better off using the team slot for something that can actually kill quickly, y'know? Superfang ain't all that super...