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  1. Volt-Turn (First LC Team)

    oh you're talking about Smogon Server. that can work, sorry i was thinking of PO, BTW it doesnt matter if you have 2 fighting types, especially since mankey is scarfed.
  2. Volt-Turn (First LC Team)

    Porygon is not a very good poke to use in LC because the omnipresent mienfoo can ohko it with ease, as well as all the other common fighting types. If you want a pokemon over ponyta, (which should be scarfed not even banded), you should you could use something like a scarfed mankey, which has a...
  3. Volt-Turn (First LC Team)

    The best pokemon to drop for Dwebble would be Archen, the dwebble's moveset should be Rock Blast, Shell Smash, Earthquake, Night Slash(>xscissor because it hits ghosts hard), With Adamant nature Max Spe and Attack for best results, Hold item Oran Berry
  4. you need to get on PO more often

    you need to get on PO more often
  5. no...

  6. AtavanHalen343's Little Cup Champeenship Contenders

    Trakyan is correct, Try an eviolite in its place, i have run it before and it can take any hit other than grass or electric. Also the choice scarf part. My own ideas: Zorua is a very frail pokemon in its place i would reccomend this: Meowth w/ Life Orb Note: Make SURE it has 19 Hp (lower the...
  7. hello sir

    hello sir
  8. hey

  9. i lost my ds

    i lost my ds
  10. Dwebble has Skill Link?

    Then the ever-present chinchou would eat me up.
  11. Dwebble has Skill Link?

    I have seen what you have said after testing my team against a friend's croagunk. Thank you for your input, also the title is that because everyone says that when rock blast hits 5 times, i meant skill link, lol
  12. i didnt say at this moment dude

    i didnt say at this moment dude
  13. Dwebble has Skill Link?

    Hey Guys. I have been playing a lot of LC lately and throughout the week I have put together a team that has been working well for me. it stars 2 shell smash users and a surprisingly powerful water type you don't see very often in LC. Dwebble w/ Oran berry Adamant(-Satk +Atk) Sturdy Ev: 36...
  14. My First Wifi Team

    You might want to look at a standard ferrothorn over your swampert, but if not you should change surf to scald because a burn really helps against physical attackers Second, i would suggest a conkeldurr over machamp with the moves: stone edge, mach punch, drain punch and bulk up. This allows for...
  15. The Red Team

    I can get u an hp fire latias if you want one
  16. Cool, how about tonight?

    Cool, how about tonight?
  17. he rage quit after i got freeze hax.

    he rage quit after i got freeze hax.
  18. The Red Team

    not an expert: but i would suggest flamethrower over fire blast on heatran just for accuracy's sake and either hp fire/thunderbolt on latias over dragon pulse because chances are draco meteor will beat dragons in 1 shot anyways and you can have a better type coverage over anything else
  19. want to have an OU battle sometime?

    want to have an OU battle sometime?
  20. lol its fine, right at the time i switched

    lol its fine, right at the time i switched