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  1. OU Sweeping Team

    run stealth rock and explosion on metagross. why on earth does kingdra have swiftswim if theres no one in your team that has raindance unless your just hoping your opponent uses it. with togekiss if your having such a hard time with paralysis and other effects can i suggest substitute instead of...
  2. Rain Dance RMT

    i know it seems a bit strange but if you want to cover ground weaknesses why not go with nidoking [earthpower surf thunder sludgebomb] it can be quite effective and it will throw your foe off guard i left the nature and ev's for you to decide
  3. How to clone Pokemon in Emerald version

    you can do it with 5 or 6 pokemon i forgot but if your having trouble doing it its the last lady on the right in the tower put your pokemon in the box talk to her and wait till she says 'aving dont turn off the power' and turn off your gameboy
  4. >X< cant think of a good name >X<

    thanks, changed forretress' item and give scizor u-turn. thinking about putting skarmory in for forretress see how that turns out
  5. What do you miss most from the Gen. I era?

    i miss having to battle with your favourite pokemon and not having to worry about stats and everyone asking me how do you get aerodactyl and me replying 'evolve charizard' but i dont miss having to walk everywhere
  6. >X< cant think of a good name >X<

    My strategy is to set up with the 3 entry hazards and then juggle my opponents team around. I started off building my team with swampert scizor heatran and then built around them then i picked a support pokemon to heal and then a set up sweeper finally a secondary lead. enjoy! forretress @...
  7. Metagross RAAAAGE!!!!!!

    tyranitar would go in for dragonite but i see your problem>_>
  8. Metagross RAAAAGE!!!!!!

    lololol this team sucks... only joking anyway this team would definitely be better with tyranitar setting up sandstorm but the only problm i see is that you dont have a special attacker at all which is okay for your team strategy but i just wanted to point it out and maybe since youve got choice...
  9. team: unauthodox sandstorm

    strategy: is to set up with spikes, stealth rock, sandstorm and to use u-turn as often as i can. iin other words the strrategy is to cause and do as much small, unavoidable damage as possible and go in for an easy sweep at the end. please enjoy! swampert @ leftovers[rindo berry if item clause]...
  10. new rmt

    sorry i will try to fix the punctuation and english andd stuff asap when i have time i made this rmt fast-ish
  11. new rmt

    the whole idea of crobat is it sends my opponent to sleep and not every team has a tyranitar or hippowdon in it
  12. new rmt

    this is my new rmt. and im not going to go on about how great the team is or anyhting like that im just going to get straight to business. team building: i decided to build the team like a story starting with the begining and end so i started with scizor because its a great attacking pokemon...
  13. omg RMT p-p-please

    so you're saying i have a choice
  14. lol Breloom (An OU RMT)

    maybe the problem is that you have too many leads in one team if metagross isnt your lead and you need speed use agility its not rocket science and then you dont need bullet punch and your team needs some fire defences badly and something that takes down blissey other than breloom if you leave...
  15. omg RMT p-p-please

    i just said the stuff about kingdra because everyone was telling me i couldnt counter dd setup which is true which is why im rebuilding a team and this ones built to take my opponent down the nice and easy way anyway since i cant post a new rmt in about a week ill post my new team on new years...
  16. Scizor strikes again!

    i found that if you give scizor an occa berry it last longer with or without roost and bugbuzz is a good option as well but it depends on what your aiming for and a chopleberry for ttar because you havent got any obvious counters for a fighting type
  17. omg RMT p-p-please

    yeah but i wouldnt switch it in to a mence i ment if a mence switched into me
  18. omg RMT p-p-please

    i dont care how many times ddmence uses dd my kingdra will be there to put it back in its place after a friendly rain dance and then a nice little ice beam and if ddmence were to be the lead well swampert with roar and then when it comes back a stealth rock and zapdos is pretty much trained to...
  19. omg RMT p-p-please

    substitue sounds a good idea but if i kept raindace what would be my options for my other pokemon? maybe i could add a toxicroak its unusual but has great attaccking prowess but it doesnt really cover any other pokemon but maybe it could be used to finish off my oppponent, hmm
  20. omg RMT p-p-please

    the reason why i dont use choioce items is that im bored of switching everytime i want to use a different move and that could hurt considering i dont have a rapid spinner in my team i only use fire punch on dusk noir because i needed a physical fire type move and i only wanted bronzong to have...