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  1. Metagame Terastallization Tiering Discussion [ UPDATE POST #1293]

    Can we get less posts like this in this thread please? It’s cringy as fuck.
  2. SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Roaring Moon gets U-turn, I’m fucking dead.
  3. SPOILERS! Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Data Dumps

    And now Maylene uses a level 70 Infernape with White Herb + Overheat and Acrobatics. These rematch teams are actually GOATed.
  4. DLC2 Crown Tundra Speculation Thread [SPOILERS]

    Eleki's movepool is a tragedy but Thunder Cage + Volt Switch still sounds obnoxious as fuck against anything that isn't a ground type.
  5. Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Usage Stats in post #581]

    Are we just going to pretend like Wobbuffet and Wynaut weren't banned in gen 3 and 4? Or that Arena Trap didn't get banned from BW OU like two years ago? Trapping abilities have been uncompetitive since the beginning, people just take forever to realize it because they usually come attached to...
  6. SPOILERS! Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee Datamine Info

    I'm actually furious that we couldn't get walking pokemon, gym leader rematches, and postgame super bosses for all of gen 6 and 7 yet somehow they all ended up in baby's first pokemon game over here.
  7. Pokémon Let's Go! - Pikachu and Eevee

    I wanna die
  8. USUM NU Speculation Thread

    Elaborate more please?
  9. SPOILERS! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon News & Discussion

    This is so obnoxious omfg
  10. Metagame Mega Evolution in Sun & Moon

    I know all that, jabroni. The point was that since T-tar, aboma, and manectric aren't out for everybody yet, Aggronite will probably be packaged alongside them as an extra just like all the other batches had extras.
  11. Metagame Mega Evolution in Sun & Moon

    Just for the people who played the tournament.
  12. Metagame Mega Evolution in Sun & Moon

    Gallade has the mega speed buff going for it and Mega Medicham being less dominant as it was in ORAS gives it less immediate competition. ... but on the other hand, Marshadow exists now and that thing both dumpsters and outclasses Gallade.
  13. Metagame Mega Evolution in Sun & Moon

    So after these next batches all that's left will be Aggronite and Diancite. I predict Aggron will come with the Tyranitar/Mane/Aboma bunch and Diancie with the Lopunny/Gard/Gallade squad.
  14. Pokémon Kommo-o

    Zard X???
  15. SPOILERS! Pokemon Sun and Moon Full Game Datamine General Discussion Thread

    Can Synchronize lock the nature on called pokemon too or does it only work on the first pokemon you encounter?
  16. Tapu Koko Discussion

    Bulky grass types. It 2HKOs Amoonguss and Mega Venusaur even without any investment.
  17. Guzzlord Discussion

    I didn't say that it had to beat everything, don't lecture me. I just think it's counter productive to have to switch out and lose momentum and any Beast Boosts you may have gained every time Clefable switches in with impunity. And that calc doesn't disprove my point. Doing 40% minimum to...