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  1. Spiky Turtle

    CaP Gen 4 Prevo Voting Thread

    Keep Name Rebble Change Design Rebble Remove Boulderdash Keep Name Privatyke Keep Design Privatyke Keep Name Nohface Keep Name Monohm Keep Design Monohm Keep Name Duclohm Keep Design Second Evolution Keep Name Colosshale Keep Design Colosshale Keep Krilowatt Prevo Keep Name Voodoll Keep Design...
  2. Spiky Turtle

    The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

    I didn't discover the physical special split until the sixth gym in Diamond.
  3. Spiky Turtle

    Metagame Gods and Followers

    I feel like Embargo is kind of a weak effect for letting your god faint. If it mattered more, than it would be more used in standard play. Also, it's not like Embargo restricts Mega Stones or Z-Crystals. All it does is eliminate a bit of passive recovery or a bit of power or something like that...
  4. Spiky Turtle

    Z-Moves Everywhere: Slate #22 - Regi Trio (Voting)

    Just pointing out, in the archive, the Alolan Ninetales Z-Move is from Vanilluxe.
  5. Spiky Turtle

    The most amazing thing you have done in Pokémon?

    I assume it had its hidden ability, Oblivious.
  6. Spiky Turtle

    CaP 22 Pre-Evo - Part 6 - Name Poll 1

    Pluffle Hullabunoo Kipillow
  7. Spiky Turtle

    The most amazing thing you have done in Pokémon?

    In Pokemon Moon, I beat the Totem Salazzle when my last Pokemon (a Magnemite) survived a Flame Burst with 1 HP thanks to Sturdy, got a critical hit with Charge Beam, and then defeated the ally Salandit because he repeatedly used Toxic. Earlier that day I caught a shiny Alolan Rattata.
  8. Spiky Turtle

    CaP 22 Pre-Evo - Part 4 - Stats Submissions

    84 / 78 / 86 / 115 / 88 / 119 59 / 38 / 66 / 74 / 73 / 80 -25 / -40 / -20 / -41 / -15 / -39 BST: 390 Based on a lot of art submissions I've seen, Kerfluffle's prevo will likely look like a small cushion-like thing. A cushion doesn't sound like the kind of thing that would take hits, but...
  9. Spiky Turtle

    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 8 - Moves Poll

    Do Not Include Moonlight Do Not Include Spikes
  10. Spiky Turtle

    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 9 - Name Poll 2

    Kerfluffle Pillowch Fistifluff Slumbrawl Lullabash Clashmere Concushion
  11. Spiky Turtle

    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 9 - Name Poll 1

    Kerfluffle Pillowch Slumbrawl Clashmere Flufforce
  12. Spiky Turtle

    Unpopular opinions

    I like Vespiquen. In case you forgot the existance of that thing, it's that Bug-Flying type that has three signature moves, decent bulk, and is currently E rank in PU and not ranked (!?!!!??!!!?!) in FU. And I like it. And I'm proud of it.
  13. Spiky Turtle

    The Everything NFL Thread - 2016-17 Season

    Does anyone think the Titans will be any good this year? Or the Jaguars? Or the Texans? It wouldn't surprise me if every AFC South team improves their record. Actually, scratch that: it would surprise me if one team didn't improve.
  14. Spiky Turtle

    Thanks, I guess.

    Thanks, I guess.
  15. Spiky Turtle

    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 7 - Art Poll 3

    Sunfished FellFromTheSky Magistrum
  16. Spiky Turtle

    Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    I feel like Turtonator complements my username quite well. It has the same problem that Mega Sceptile has (its model is facing the wrong way, although Mega Sceptile pulls it off well,) but I still kind of like it, I guess.
  17. Spiky Turtle

    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 7 - Art Poll 2

    Yilx QxC4eva Sunfished Mod Edit: Bolded votes
  18. Spiky Turtle

    (insert status message here)

    (insert status message here)
  19. Spiky Turtle

    CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 7 - Art Poll 1

    QxC4eva Yilx Slapperfish