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  1. Fluze3

    Monotype Victim of the Week (Round 21 : Gengar)

    Poison Check: Weezing Weezing @ Black Sludge Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Bold Nature - Will-O-Wisp - Pain Split - Sludge Bomb - Toxic Spikes/Taunt/Haze I feel like this thing can confidently take on an unboosted pinsir it cleanly avoids the 2HKO and is able to respond with...
  2. Fluze3

    VGC 2015: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    I think its better to outspeed the Latis and Keldeo + Co. before a boost, making you a shitload more versatile and being able to destroy it before it destroys you. They'll already assume you outspeed; but, if they find out mid-game that something outspeeds you, chances are you'll be dead before...
  3. Fluze3

    VGC 2015: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    Well, using a spread like that gives it some more longevity that can be used to buy partners turns or for it to continue the onslaught. If it lives a Double-Edge from Jolly Kang, chances are that it lives other moves as well. For example, it might make it take Stone Edge Terrakion or Lando EQs...
  4. Fluze3

    VGC Any help please? VGC 2015

    Hi there! Although the pokemon you've chosen are actually relevant to the format, It seems as if you've come from singles to VGC in order to try it out; which is perfectly okay! That's why I'll help you in shaping this team so that you'll get the most from it. If you're insulted by anything I...
  5. Fluze3

    VGC Pseudo-Terracott?? Plus Cameo by Mega Mawile

    Can't be bothered typing today, so I'll just say it in bullet points. 172 EVs are for min speed Rotom-W so that you can outspeed it before it WoW's you. For Hitmontop, you're also able to try out Quick Guard in place of Protect/Feint. However, that does leave Hitmontop itself completely...
  6. Fluze3

    VGC VGC 2015 Doubles Team- Regirock the guy who stands like a rock

    Honestly, this is one of the better teams that I've seen. You have great type synergies that (I assume) would strongly benefit your team in battle. However, there are some things that I think you should consider for the best of your team. Firstly, although Regirock can't be OHKO'd, it is...
  7. Fluze3

    VGC Pseudo-Terracott?? Plus Cameo by Mega Mawile

    Before we start, I strongly suggest you read ALL of this, because your team does require a lot of improvements. Alright, without being insulting what-so-ever, i'm going to say that you team only holds decent synergy together and has SOME FORM OF UTILITY. (THIS CAN BE IMPROVED) I really don't...
  8. Fluze3

    VGC Refining my team looking for advice

    Yeah! Sorry about that. Gale Wings is meant to be Brave Bird.
  9. Fluze3

    VGC My first VGC '15 team

    No problem! It was only a suggestion, but Ice Punch does have more coverage. That's entirely up to you, though.
  10. Fluze3

    VGC VGC 2015 Trick room: Mega steelix MVP

    Wow. Someone trying to use Mega Steelix in a Trick Room Team? I LOVE IT! But, Trick Room teams require a little more than what you have; I'm basically talking about the fact that you only have one Trick Room setter. That's quite... ineffective. I only say that because if Cresselia were to faint...
  11. Fluze3

    VGC My first VGC '15 team

    Hmm, your team looks quite intimidating on paper as it is. It packs a lot of threats and it looks as if it is able to outdamage/outpressure the opponent to overwhelm them with damage, status or momentum. I actually respect the team choices. However, there are some minor changes that I think...
  12. Fluze3

    ORAS Doubles OU My First Doubles Team Need Help

    Cool Team man! These pokemon are quite large threats and I am happy to say that it's quite intimidating on paper. Now, there aren't any major changes; moreso, just many minor changes that would make your changes better. You know what they say, even the smallest things make the greatest impact...
  13. Fluze3

    VGC Refining my team looking for advice

    Look, I understand that only four pokemon are chosen, but there is no reason to have more than one mega. For all you know, you may need both in one team, which means that one pokemon will remain useless. Now, I think that Mega Aerodactyl has some niches in terms of Rock Slide, meaning that you...
  14. Fluze3

    VGC ORAS Rain Team -- Successful

    Nice rain team! You have quite standard pokemon that evidently would work well to accomplish the obliteration of the opposing team. However, like most rain teams, some threats are extremely hard to take care of. But, the changes for this team that I recommend are very minor, with one exception...
  15. Fluze3

    VGC First VGC Team

    I saw this team and literally shuddered how threatened it look on paper. But, when going in-depth and actually reading the analyses of each of the pokemon, I came across a few things that could of been changed to make it better. First of all, that Greninja is... literally fabulous. However, as...
  16. Fluze3

    VGC First VGC15 team

    Hey man, great team! It has a lot of coverage to take care of just about any team. However, even the most perfect team has a little flaws. These aren't huge issues, but they'll help out. You seem to have really thought out your EV spread and they all make sense when putting it into practice...
  17. Fluze3

    Gen 6 The "Are my Pokémon IVs and Nature good?" Thread

    need a bit of help with a keep or toss HEATRAN, modest, 16-17/24-25/31/29-28/31/31 --> HP GRASS
  18. Fluze3

    PS! Model Mod & Fixing Thread

    You probably can't see it on a white background, but there is a frame(s) that have the insides of it completely cut out. I just screenshotted this from the xyani site given in the OP. If you wish, you can go to that link and see for yourself.
  19. Fluze3

    Battle Spot Teambuilding Discussion & Help Thread (read post #453, page 19)

    Mental Herb is also an option considering that Thundurus or other taunt users will want you to stop using Spore/Rage Powder.
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