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  1. UberSkitty

    Show off your Forearms!

    How do you like these four arms?
  2. UberSkitty

    Longest "Your team was rejected" message

    Do I win this teambuilding contest? Box 653 ( Edit: this was posted on the Smogon Discord while I did this: I might have temporarily broke teambuilder lol (dw the "team" is deleted and things seem to be back to normal)(plz dont ban me)
  3. UberSkitty

    Longest "Your team was rejected" message

    Damn you got to it before I could
  4. UberSkitty

    Good Advertisements

    btw forgot to mention but that old guy in the back (comes in with the 2 girls) is my favorite cuz he has no idea what's going on. Part of me hopes that he wasn't even hired and just randomly joined in while they were doing it.
  5. UberSkitty

    Give me cursed pokemon ideas to draw

    a tinkatink playing wack-a-mole with digletts/wigletts that are coming out of the holes on a clodsire's back
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    SHOULD I FOLLOW 1000 USERS????????

    don't follow anyone who posts on this thread
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    Memes You Made

  8. UberSkitty

    the well #87 - this time we will put someone notable in there [won by Teh, somehow]

    And now it appears Teh is drowning you in said well, as a message to the rest of us.
  9. UberSkitty

    o shit u got team rater badge too... MORRRRRRRRRRRRE...

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    Pokemon Showdown Quote Database

    the nice way to tell someone they need some exercise
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    Good Advertisements

    demonic car service: hey:
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    The Yung Dramps Franchise Failure Rating System

    shrek/puss in boots movies are going all over the place (the descriptions were too long for me to read so idk where). Also Lego Ninjago went downhill after they started using their movie designs smh
  14. UberSkitty

    Project SV PU Personal Viability Rankings

    Updated to Feb tier shifts!
  15. UberSkitty

    Regis thread

    BIG ASHLEY is a bot. There used to be a little ashley but BIG ASHLEY ate it to assert dominance. And don't get me started on Medium Ashley...
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    Detention for being late :v

    Detention for being late :v
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    Signups PUBD I - Player Signups (draft Feb 11 @ 7pm -5!)

    Name: UberSkitty Tiers Played: DPP, ORAS, USUM, SWSH, SV Tiers Not Played: I can learn Foreseen Inactivity: None I mostly do teambuilding and make a sexy team logo
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    Signups PUBD I - Manager Signups

    why has nobody used the team name PUBD, for 'Poliwrath Used Belly Drum' smh
  19. UberSkitty

    (ROLEPLAY) Smogon High School - Signups Open

    does this mean the "flames" on the top of magmar's head are actually utters?