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  1. Skankovich

    Official SV PU Stage 3 Voting: Tauros

    Tauros: Ban
  2. Skankovich

    Announcement Stage 3: Voter Identification Thread

    Identifying as put1 ayo. A very mess set of reqs lol confirmed - shane
  3. Skankovich

    Resource SV PU Bazaar / Team Dump

    :ampharos::toedscool::Tinkatuff::misdreavus::vigoroth::zweilous: Very stupid team I built around this very stupid but weirdly strong Ampharos set: :ampharos: Ampharos @ Leftovers Ability: Plus Tera Type: Ghost EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def Bold Nature - Magnetic Flux - Dragon Tail - Charge Beam...
  4. Skankovich

    Metagame np: Stage 1: New Rules (Vivillon quickban post #173)

    :sv/squawkabilly: :sv/flapple: Squawkabilly @ Choice Scarf Ability: Hustle Tera Type: Normal EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Double-Edge - Brave Bird - U-turn - Quick Attack Flapple @ Choice Scarf Ability: Hustle Tera Type: Dragon / Ground EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature...
  5. Skankovich

    Metagame np: Stage 1: New Rules (Vivillon quickban post #173)

    Good to be back! Things are obviously a mess right now so I'm just going to dump the first team I've built and been using. I've come around to building TR as my first teams for these early tiers because it preys on the HO that usually dominates at first, and it was particularly appealing here...
  6. Skankovich

    Metagame RU Stage 1 - Begin Again (Welcome to gen 9!)

    Hey! Here's some random stuff I've found solid on ladder: :rabsca: Rabsca @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Synchronize Tera Type: Psychic EVs: 76 HP / 252 SpA / 180 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Bug Buzz - Psyshock - Recover - Earth Power Everyone just uses this thing as a Revival...
  7. Skankovich

    SP Shared Power

    I'm a bit upset by the prankster ban, feels like it moved rather quickly? It was 4 days between mention of it being discussed as problematic and getting banned, was planning an anti-ban post but didn't get a chance to write it out! In short, I think as an ability Prankster supported a lot of...
  8. Skankovich

    Resource PU Team Dump

    With Gen 9 coming around Gen 8 is effectively dead and buried for a ladder scrub like me! It's been an... acceptable PU imo. I preferred Gen 7 a lot but it's not that bad overall, and still better than 6 for me (unpopular opinion I know but god I hated that meta). Most disappointing for me is...
  9. Skankovich

    Official SS PU Suspect Process - Stage 11 (Scyther)

    Scyther: Keep PUBL
  10. Skankovich

    Resource PU Team Dump

    Here's a really fun and solid team I used for suspect and being a non-participant during PULT time :weezing::comfey::gourgeist::gigalith::sandslash::flapple: This team started with the Comfey/Gigalith/Gourg-XL core that I'd played around with a on a few other teams. It wasn't an intentionally...
  11. Skankovich

    SS PU Stage 11 - Voting ID Thread

    a fortunately smooth run!
  12. Skankovich

    Resource SS PU Viability Rankings

    Some opinions! I'll just comment on the ones I feel strongly about. to B 100% agree with this one, I think B is perfect for it. Scrafty check + defog + pivoting + recovery is just such nice role compression - I can't tell you how many times I've been building and get to "Oh I need removal and...
  13. Skankovich

    Metagame Shared Power

    I've been trying to branch out a little with my builds this time around (partially out of boredom, partially to lighten up the prankster dbond ban sentiment because I was the only person to run it anyway lol). Shared Power allows for such creativity in the builder and yet 75% of ladder is...
  14. Skankovich

    My Lunatone teams are bit outdated right now but here's the one mentioned in the suspect thread...

    My Lunatone teams are bit outdated right now but here's the one mentioned in the suspect thread if that's the one you meant!
  15. Skankovich

    Espeon Suspect Alt Identification Thread

    Happy to see my teams put to good use! :heart:
  16. Skankovich

    Metagame np: PU Stage 8 - Bounce (New Drops Post #24)

    Just got reqs and so I'll share some thoughts, overall I'm a little on-the-fence. The speed tier and power make the specs set threatening, but as we were already prepping for the likes of Articuno-G nothing new is required for fatter teams in terms of defensive counterplay. It's more of an issue...
  17. Skankovich

    Project The sixth annual Secret Santa!

    Hi scorbunnys ! Here's your team with Glaceon :glaceon::Eldegoss::regirock::silvally-fairy::rapidash::Mesprit: Unfortunately this request came along with Snow Warning getting unbanned which left poor ol' Glaceon kinda nicheless. I tried a bunch of funky stuff like Work Up and Wish sets but...
  18. Skankovich

    Project The sixth annual Secret Santa!

    In :heart:
  19. Skankovich

    Resource SS PU Viability Rankings

    Hi! A nom for my recent obsession: > B Flapple @ Life Orb Ability: Hustle EVs: 252 Atk / 80 SpA / 176 Spe Lonely Nature - Grav Apple - Draco Meteor - Sucker Punch - Outrage / U-turn This is a really potent breaker that actually carries significant utility vs offense. You get in...