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  1. Rarelyme

    Grammar Torkoal / Chartor [GP 0/1]

    [SET] Poseur de Soleil (Torkoal) @ Heat Rock Ability: Drought EVs: 248 HP / 248 Def / 12 SpD OR 248 HP / 36 Def / 224 SpD Tera Type: Flying / Water Bold / Calm Nature - Lava Plume - Rapid Spin - Stealth Rock - Will-O-Wisp / Body Press [SET COMMENTS] Grâce à Sécheresse et plusieurs options...
  2. Rarelyme

    Grammar Pelipper / Békipan [GP 0/1] [SET] Poseur de Pluie (Pelipper) @ Damp Rock Ability: Drizzle EVs: 248 HP / 224 Def / 36 SpD or 248 HP / 38 Def / 232 SpD IVs: 0 Spe Tera Type: Ground Relaxed / Sassy Nature - Surf - U-turn - Roost - Hurricane / Knock Off [SET COMMENTS]...
  3. Rarelyme

    Resource Réserver une analyse en SV OU (à lire!)

    je pars sur les deux poseurs de climat :pelipper: :torkoal:
  4. Rarelyme

    Grammar Arceus-Ground / Arceus-Sol [GP 0/2]

    Superbe trad !
  5. Rarelyme

    Done Miascarade Pivot [GP 1/1]

    Bonne traduction, oublie pas de mettre l'accent sur "Téra" et il n'y a pas de tiret dans "Feu Follet". Essaye de te relire aussi les prochaines fois, il y a quelques passages qui n'étaient pas traduits et plusieurs fautes de frappe.
  6. Rarelyme

    RU RU Ladder Tour V - Cycle 3

    1. Metallica126 - 1676 Elo - 79.3% GXE 2. Arakd’eau ㋛ - 1675 Elo - 85.1% GXE 3. Feliburn - 1658 Elo - 84.3% GXE 4. Danny - 1658 Elo - 81.0% GXE 5. NHelioX7 - 1658 Elo - 76.1% GXE 6. Ming549 - 1655 Elo - 75.8 GXE Very close cycle! Thank you everyone for participating and congratulations to...
  7. Rarelyme

    RU RU Ladder Tour V - Cycle 3

    credits to RU's best artist GoldCat for this Welcome to the official RU ladder tour (RULT), where qualified ladder players will get a chance to compete amongst themselves to earn points for the RU Circuit Playoffs. We are now starting cycle one, below you'll find a list of rules that you must...
  8. Rarelyme

    Resource SV RU Tera Index

    approved by EviGaro thanks to Gaboswampert for the art Hello and welcome in the Tera Index for SV RU ! This generation has made teambuilding even more complexe than it already is by implementing Tera types, this thread is here to hopefully ease your way into RU by giving you everything you...
  9. Rarelyme

     The Workshop

    Requester: Rarelyme For: SV RU Tera Index Art Direction: Zarude with a Tera taking the shape of a ? on its head. Zarude could be like peeking at the bottom of the rectangle and looking up at the ? or we could see its full body and it would be scratching its chin looking kinda lost. I would also...
  10. Rarelyme

    NU [NU] Sceptile / Jungko [GP 1/1]

    Bon boulot :blobthumbsup:
  11. Rarelyme

    OU Gromago Machination Offensif [GP 1/1]

    Bonne traduction, fais attention cependant aux virgules qui sont certes beaucoup présentes en anglais mais qui sont moins la bienvenue en français comme juste avant une énumération d'example: Focus Blast hits the many Dark-types in the tier, such as Darkrai, Roaring Moon, and Kingambit. Ici la...
  12. Rarelyme

    Resource SV RU Good Cores

    Alright so I have been using a lot of weather teams lately in order to stay sane in this early meta so I will be giving some basic weather cores for all the usable weathers in the tier. You can click on the sprites for the suggested sets. Snow Core: :sv/slowking::sv/cetitan: In my opinion the...
  13. Rarelyme

    Resource SV RU Good Cores

    Core Pool
  14. Rarelyme

    Resource SV RU Good Cores

    approved by Feliburn and OP mostly stolen from Milo's version art by ぽけもん Welcome to the SV RU Good Cores thread! A strong core is one of the single most valuable things to form when creating a new team. Cores are typically made up of a group of Pokémon that, when used together, work...
  15. Rarelyme

    Resource SV Short Questions and Short Answers

    To be honest, Comfey is quite customizable although the main set is the following: The speed is mainly to oustpeed slow Tinkaton which usually has enough to be faster than Magnezone and Bisharp, but people run very different Tinkaton spreads so don't be surprised if some still outspeed you.
  16. Rarelyme

    Resource SV Short Questions and Short Answers

    Tough question because you'll find very few offensive mons able to switch-in and force Jugulis out because they are all too frail and usually slower. However, if you manage to predict the move Jugulis is going to click, you can use Pokemon such as Lycanroc-Dusk, Bisharp, Kilowattrel...
  17. Rarelyme

    Done Lanssorien Pivot Offensif [GP 2/2]

    Alors plusieurs choses à noter: - Le mot "Pokémon" est invariable tout comme leurs noms, on ne peut pas dire "des Scalpereurs". - Les statistiques prennent toujours une majuscule. - Bien que la préposition "on" veuille dire "sur" occasionnellement, fais bien attention au contexte dans lequel...
  18. Rarelyme

    CAP [CAP] Cresceidon [GP 1/1]

    Super trad :blobthumbsup: