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  1. jns0808

    Smogon Replay Vault 2.0 - Submissions (UPDATE POST #69)

    1. 2. N.a. 3.Chaos that ensues when two revbless assist spam teams meet on ladder 4.Preferably make it look like the most high-octane gameplay ever (sarcastically of course)
  2. jns0808

    Official SS LC - Vullaby Retest (July 2022)

    Vullaby: Keep Banned
  3. jns0808

    Announcement LC Suspect - Still into You

    I'm voting Ban smh I actually went and read the old suspect threads when i used to have time That is still not enough to change my opinion since i consider my own opinion, no matter how "flawed the ladder meta is", to be more important. I encourage anyone with reqs to vote based on their...
  4. jns0808

    Tournament LCSL I - Week 2 Got that clean ass win ggs
  5. jns0808

    Small Site Page Changes - (Typos, Poor Wording, Inaccuracies, Etc.)

    This article about BW ZU's hour of glory has a small typo where it says PU "relegated sent down thirteen pokemon in exchange" , when in reality it should be either relegated or sent down, or a slash Hyperlinked to the para
  6. jns0808

    Resource SWSH LC Viability Rankings

    Please Read: "The intent is to rank more Pokemon to indicate that they have been considered and are less good than a few ladder games may indicate" The most important line^
  7. jns0808

    Resource SWSH LC Viability Rankings

    I'd nom it higher, maybe to C, or even C+, but no way is it good enough to breach B. It stops carv dead in its tracks and has effect spore, but it also folds to Poisons on every team, loses to Natu very hard which is on most non-abra and even some Abra teams, loses to both Steels, especially...
  8. jns0808

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    You're trying to fit an OU narrative in LC. What Heatran faces in OU is completely irrelevant to how the LC meta functions. Flame charge isn't forced on Ponyta. You could simply not run it, if you wished, but the tradeoff is being weaker to trappers. Why is Trapinch "forced" to run First...
  9. jns0808

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    You started out making sense but then just went completely sideways. Arena Trap isn't really broken, Mareanie is the only poison who is caused significant issues by it, and imo that just adds a layer oy complexity and skill to the tier. Every mon has adapted to arena trap, like shed shell on...
  10. jns0808

    The LC Open XI - Finals [Won by freezai]

    Freezai win it then farm the views(and maybe start paying us discord mods finally smh) [Predicts : Raichy vs Scottie Freezai vs Scottie Freezai vs Raichy
  11. jns0808

    Tournament Little Cup Scrub League (LCSL) Sign-Ups

    There is no BDSP LC in the tour
  12. jns0808

    Tournament LCSL I - General Discussion

    Wow you have a lot of friends Of which i know like one But hope they do great unless they're vs my team (assuming i get drafted) in which case i hope their mienfoo misses all their hjks :totodiLUL:
  13. jns0808

    Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

    Oh mb I'm new here As in, this thread, not smogon
  14. jns0808

    Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

    :regigigas: and :wigglytuff:
  15. jns0808

    Tournament LCPL XI: Week One

    Homosexual Hoppips (3) vs (5) The Remoraiders SS: Grankie vs. CMDoge SS: TheShoddyStrawman vs. ProDigeZz SS: dcae vs. chlo SS: zeriloa vs. Acehunter1 SM: crying vs. Wail Wailord XY: tazz vs. Corckscrew BW: Fille vs. cb aaron judge DPP: tlenit vs. avarice Roaring Riolus (2) vs (6) OM NOM SNOM...
  16. jns0808

    Bulbs Supremacy (Charmander Sux)

    Bulbs Supremacy (Charmander Sux)
  17. jns0808

    Tournament LCSL I - General Discussion

    Remoraiders ftw, Coco is like the only other person who likes remoraid.
  18. jns0808

    hello? Is that time ok for you?

    hello? Is that time ok for you?
  19. jns0808

    Tournament LCPL XI: Commencement Thread

    Honestly just declare pap LC's official noob helper, man's too nice